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    The new site looks great! If I may offer a little suggestion… the card titles in the category view might benefit from a little shadow. The white text can get lost when the background image contains a lot of white. I modified in my browser by applying the following to the .instrument-card-title CSS class:

    text-shadow: 1px 1px 10px black;

    Hope that helps!


    Hi everybody,
    is there a way to change my user name back to the name I had in the old forum?

    Peter H


    i reviewed some of the instruments, and i wonder where the my texts went? I thought they would appear below on each of the instrument’s pages.

    –> Wouldn’t it be nice if each instrument could be discussed by the users using the reviews. And the instrument authors could get feedback.

    What do you think?


    Bob Ellis

    Hi guys some more feedback for consideration:

    “IMG”- Have made two posts recently that just disappeared when I hit the “Submit” button and both contained a link to an image with a description. Have to say really dislike the new IMG function as the image has to be online – the old forum allowed you to load an image from your PC/Laptop. Would be great if we could have that function back.

    FORUM SUB GROUPS – Personally I find the new Forum without Sub Categories a bit clunky although I appreciate we have a search facility. Is it possible to create some like on the previous one?

    NOTIFICATION – I tick the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” but so far I have not received any. I have checked my SPAM folder and its empty

    Sorry if this sounds a bit negative but I suppose that is the nature of feedback sometimes.

    Stephen Caulfield

    Hello there all,
    Massive congratulations on the new site – it is really fantastic! It’s very heartwarming to see what people are prepared to do for others, not to mention how friendly and supportive the whole Pianobook community have been since the very beginning.
    This is particularly pertinent at the moment with the Coronavirus lockdown and isolation. I have found Pianobook to be very comforting and it provides a lot of solace during this time.
    I have really loved playing with people’s sample libraries and listening to the demos that people have made and I have found the collective spirit to be very inspirational. I have had great fun making demos of my own for the libraries that I have enjoyed.
    I have a couple of suggestions for the new site. I can see this has been mentioned before, but just to add another vote, it would be great to be able to read reviews as well as see the overall rating. Secondly, is there a way to show the demos a user has submitted at the bottom of the profile page, along with the libraries submitted?
    That’s it for now,
    Keep up the awesome work!



    does anyone know if it is not allowed to use spaces in the username for pianobook?
    I want to create a new account with my full name as the username, but I get an error saying “Your username contains invalid characters”.
    Otherwise I saw a few people who separated their full names with a space..

    Thank you in advance,


    I was just going to ask the same question as Fabian. How do I remove the underscore from my User Name?

    Kalen Smith

    I love the updated website! A feature that might be useful is adding a type of search and filter for the website. Once the catalog begins to expand more, it might become difficult trying to navigate and find what you are looking for. Maybe a search bar and filter for the sound quality? Ex: warm, gritty, dark, rich, quirky, etc.
    Just some thoughts.


    Hi, I read a little and see a couple of people have already commented on the clumsy download process, but I have other issues with it.

    As a software developer that’s been involved in the open source community for 20 years, I’m not a fan of the signups required to download.

    Now, for Spitfire Labs I totally understand it. Spitfire is a commercial entity and a part of the tradeoff for getting Labs (which I love!) for free is getting onto the marketing list. I understand that, and I’ve been hooked into buying from a marketing email. I understand and appreciate that process.

    But Pianobook is not supposed to be part of Spitfire’s marketing machine. It was designed to be a global sharing community project, and not an extension of Spitfire. As someone that’s contributed (in my own little way) I feel a bit cheated that now someone has to register to get what I intended for them to be able to get without strings. I think this new design goes totally against the spirit of what this was supposed to be.

    It’d be really nice to see a simple downloads button on the instrument pages again, instead of this new format. In this day and age, people and their data are a sensitive matter, and in a sharing community that should not be a thing.

    Kalen Smith

    Something I noticed is that there’s no clear way to resubmit edits or updates to any of the libraries (converted patches, instrument updates, etc.). Maybe under contribute there could be an edits / update option?
    For updates do we simply put them through Contribute again?

    Richard Luke

    Anyone have any ideas about merging profiles?.. My current login takes me to a different “profile” page than the one where I’ve uploaded instruments. In fact, I can’t get into the one where i’ve uploaded instruments. Anyone else having this problem? cheers Richard Luke

    Andrew Foust

    I need to replace my submission for Pianolith. There were pathing issues I missed and I am making many improvements in order to make the instrument scalable. What is the process for resubmitting an instrument? Also, please delay the release of this instrument until the new version is uploaded. Thank you.

    Andrew Scott Foust



    I just tried to download the Triple Felt Experiment, but it’s password protected. 😀


    Hi, a week ago


    The switch to WordPress went far from optimal. I guess one problem was solved, but at the same time many more created. Maybe it’s the specific theme that is used here. Maybe WordPress more generally is not the best choice for web applications like this one – centered around many users interacting with one another (some sort of forum), sharing content (streamlined up- and download procedure) and commenting / rating submitted content?

    Additionally, there is also a need for a more flexible filtering / ranking / querying capacity, to allow a better overview and search function.

    Wordpress was originally designed with individual blogs in mind, basically one author that also did the whole administration part. At best visitor’s could comment a blog entry, but that was it as far as interaction goes. But here we have a website for a collaborative venture, which has other requirements.

    It would certainly take a specialist in information architecture or a web (mainly backend) specialist to redesign this into a more straightforward web application.

    The specific improvement needs summarised:

      more streamlined submission process
      more flexible submission process (one that allows additional submissions of eg patches in more formats by the author autonomously, once his initial submission got accepted)
      cut the need for login to download
      better search / filtering / ranking options
      ability to comment on individual instruments (I believe not currently working?)
Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 190 total)
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