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    Hi! Back to re-evaluate, a couple more things:

    I agree with others above, I wish there was a way to view the entire pianobook library / catalogue at once. Today the number of instruments updated to 227 from 225, but I don’t see any new instruments and it’s a little bit weird to have to manually search by individual categories rather than just easily scroll down the whole list chronologically as it was.

    Another thing, it seems like we have to have our posts approved if they contain a link? This seems like good merit in practice, but as far as safety goes you would still need to individually moderate each post as people can find ways to bypass this pause by breaking the link down into pieces. Especially as the site and community grow, it will be increasingly more difficult to try and moderate each and every link sent. Maybe a good meantime fix would be just to have some blacklisted websites for moderation, such as google drive or dropbox to make sure the links don’t have anything suspicious attached.

    One last thing is that the new download process feels… “clunky”. As opposed to before where one would go to the instrument page of choice, click the pianobook download and then the wetransfer one (2 clicks after the instrument page), it now takes 5. It is nice that we can see a download history, but unless you have plans to include paid instruments in the future I don’t really the need for the entire checkout process in its current length. My guess is that this is sort of an feature / artifact of the new and more scalable host (WordPress? Squarespace? I forget which…) and sort of how their default product / shop system works. I wouldn’t be disappointed if this is how downloads would have to remain working, but I would be excited if there was a way to optimize this.


    oh! Also now that I’m thinking of it, our forum profiles don’t seem to be merged with our pianobook upload profiles — as in there is no way to click on my name in the forum and be taken to my profile page which shows the instruments I have uploaded.

    Again I’m not sure if this is sort of a designed behavior of the new website host’s features or not, but it would be nice at least for credibility’s sake to answer people’s questions about my instruments in the forum, and then have them click on the profile as proof of creator, or just to see other things I’ve made if they enjoy the one on topic.


    1. For forum thread pages, can a ‘reply’ button be placed above the comments that takes people to the reply submission box so people don’t have to scroll down the page? This could become a problem especially when certain threads get ‘popular’.

    2. Can the version of sampler that an instrument was made with be included in the contents information? Some people haven’t upgraded to Kontakt 6.

    3. I don’t see why the shopping cart was added. It makes sense if paid instruments are going to be introduced, but why can’t free instruments be downloaded from the instrument page like before?

    Thanks very much. I’m glad you guys are so open to feedback on top of how great you people are in general.



    One of the outputs from the previous forum was a database on Master Keyboards, something that composers need to be well informed about! I’m assuming that the online spreadsheet (via Airtable) is a candidate for the ‘Resources’ tab?



    Martin (Initial collator of the database, and one of the two editors…)


    Hey all, I just love the fact that i can play with free instruments that have character and sound beautiful.
    Thank you Christian for coming up with this amazing baby.
    And i love the website. great job. Very clear, good usable and looks great.
    Love, Ima

    Richard Luke

    Hi there Pianobook, the new website looks lovely btw, nice work! I am just trying to update my profile with pics/ links etc. The instruments i have uploaded are under Richard Luke (Church Steinway). How do I take on this profile?.. I am currently signed in here with my old username rik808 which has a different profile not linked to the instruments- I would like to link these profiles or just take on the Richard Luke one and update the images/profile w instruments etc hope you can help 🙂
    Richard Luke (rik808)

    Keith Theodosiou

    Hi, the website is great by the way but there is just one thing I feel is missing (or at least I can’t see it if it is there) and that is a ‘like’ button.

    I read posts and if I really like what someone said, I keep going for a like button just to let them know that I liked what they said.
    It makes it easier that having to reply to that post just to say I liked it if you know what I mean 🙂


    I think the website looks great and I love how robust this community has become.

    I’d like to strongly second Cerb-r-us’s request for information on which version of Kontakt is needed. I would like to contribute demos but I have no plans to upgrade to Kontakt 6 any time soon. Unfortunately, most of the instruments I downloaded require Kontakt 6, and the only way to find that out is trial and lots of errors.


    I’ve posted a reply to theLinux Users thread several hours ago, and it doesn’t show up. When I tried to post the same message again, it says that it detected a duplicate and prevents me from posting.

    In my profile it now says that I have created two replies, but in the “replies created” section, it only shows this one.

    Anders Wall

    Hello all!
    Great update, nice work.
    How do we access the reviews?

    I just posted one on my own instrument with links to a fixed kontakt-file.
    The one included in the original zip-file has been updated.
    So I figured the easiest way was to put the new one in a review.



    Hey Bob!
    Glad you’re liking the new site. You should be able to create a profile now – just click on your name in the top right hand corner and click ‘Profile’


    Hi Anders
    If you’ve got an update to an existing instrument, you can re-submit it and just put a note that it’s an update to an existing one on the site. We’ll pick it up from there and add it to the page.
    Re: displaying reviews. We currently show the rating, but not the review. It’s on the list to change that!


    Nice suggestion Keith! I’ll add it to the list of things to look at as soon as we get the chance.


    Thanks Martin – I’ve added that to the list of things to come.

    Matthieu Nantel


    I was just wondering why the demos of my Notes Productions Felt Piano are no longer available on the new site. Is there any way we can put them back ?

    Thanks you in advance

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 190 total)
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