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    The new focus on reviews is definitely working – I’m getting LOTS more reviews than previously!

    However, it would be SO GOOD to be able to reply to reviewers inside the platform! Please! Pretty please!



    I have produced a video for several of my published Sample Packs on Pianobook.co.uk. Unfortunately, now that they are published, I can’t add the video. How do I add it to them, please?


    I have uploaded a zip file to my profile, and it says that my sample pack is in the review queue, but the zip file is no longer shown in the grey box titled ‘Edit Sample Pack’. Is the zip file supposed to be listed there? Do I need to upload it again?

    Ronan McDermott

    Quick question – why do all the parentheses I place in my reviews disappear?
    (this line should be in parentheses)

    Do not waste your precious time on this unless you know the answer and it’s already on your clipboard… 😉

    bo din

    This is a reply to Kiko’s post about Editing a submitted library in the main forum pages, but I can’t post the reply there for love nor money. Maybe someone else can point him to to this or just copy it over.

    As luck would have it, I have just come across the Contact link down at the bottom of any Pianobook page;

    It ask for user name and email address and then has a Subject line with a drop down list to select from, as follows;

    Feedback / Feature Request

    Edit, Change, or Remove Your Submission

    Account Query / Data Request

    Demo Query

    Website Bug

    Issue with Sample Pack

    Request to contact Christian Henson

    Something else

    After that there is a message box.

    I have posted all the options so that you are prepared for what is there and to mention the dropdown arrow is at the extreme right of the line and if your software doesn’t show the choices, I could send a message to Pianobook on your behalf referring to this thread, given that I have found out how to.

    bo din

    I managed to post a lesser message, just not the one I wanted in Kiko’s post.

    bo din

    Error: your reply cannot be edited at this time.

    Andrew Boland

    Hi – love the new site. It would be great if the required version of Kontakt was shown (and filterable). Bit of a pain downloading a pack only to find it won’t work on your version of Kontakt.

    bo din

    Quote from Stephen Tallamy (keyholder) 12 January 2021 at 11:56 am

    The reason is that we don’t currently have a field in the database that supports the various version numbers of Kontakt. There is a plan to add that field in the future but we will depend on users supplying the correct information when they upload their samples.

    What’s the issue with you ? You only have Kontakt 5 or you can’t updated to the latest version of Kontakt 6 on Aplle Slipshod ?

    Sam Ecoff

    Thanks for all of the hard work and congratulations on the new website. It’s really outstanding. I noticed a couple of things as I was working with it.

    First, the Kontakt links to Jon Meyer’s handbells both download the “Velocity Fixed” .nki file, but nether one will allow you to download the original instrument and samples.

    Second, while the system of reviews and ratings is really going to help people find the very best libraries, it’s left older libraries forgotten. I suppose that the answer is to release new libraries and hope that people will discover your older material, but it appears that one of my libraries which used to live on the ‘highlights’ page has no reviews and I fear it will be forgotten completely. Any thoughts about how that might be corrected? Also, I noticed that most of the newer libraries have embedded piano drop videos. Is there a way we can add YouTube Links to the older videos Christian made before the days of Piano drops?

    Last, upon uploading a new submission last night, I noticed that you can indicate only one format for your submission. What if you’re submitting in multiple formats simultaneously? Shouldn’t the selection be check boxes and not radio buttons?

    Damon Knight

    Hi Rich

    Please put the keyboard FOCUS in the search text box when clicking the magnify/search button, very annoying to have to reach for mouse to correct.

    Thank you.

    Eamon Coughlan

    Is there any way to format with newlines, brackets, etc. in the reviews / instrument descs? Does html work? Everything I write ends up as a wall of text with all the useful info buried within.

    pebble bonk

    Oh, the new theme looks great!


    Information on the download size of sample packs would be nice.

    Eamon Coughlan

    Also the ‘star rating’ seems to be using a weird averaging / rounding system. Several reviews I’ve given mixed ratings have defaulted to the lower rating despite being on average rated higher (eg. 3 x 3* and 2 x 2* becomes a 2* review). When the final rounded rating is all anyone sees, this can make the reviews appear harsher than they should be or were intended by the reviewer.

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 215 total)
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