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    Sam Smith

    I can’t be the only one,reading the comment above makes me wonder if there could also be an optional tab for sample packs with loops/midi files.

    Charles Tall

    Loving the new site so far! However, I’ve noticed that the Sample Packs pages don’t scroll infinitely and, instead, hit a stopping point with a “load more packs” button or something to that effect. This would be fine, except that if I go to a sample pack page, then press the back button in my browser, I’m sent back to the first instance of the “load more packs” button (i.e. the top of the page) rather than where I left off, so once I’ve explored quite far down the page and click on a pack I’m interested in, I have to start all over from the top to return browsing.
    I hope I expressed this with enough clarity to be understood! Thanks for all your hard work.


    The new site looks great. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work. As I commented on Christian’s You Tube premiere video, top marks for allowing us to edit our reviews after posting. As a ‘veteran’ pianobook reviewer that was one of my biggest bugbears about the old site. I also like the more nuanced reviewing system and star ratings.

    However, is there any way for those us of who submitted numerous reviews to the old site to view, update and adapt those reviews for the new site by adding star ratings to them? It seems crazy to have to start all over again and for all of the original reviews and hard work to be lost.

    By way of what I hope is constructive criticism, not griping,

    Chris Bell


    I, too, miss the audio previews. That was one of the best features of the previous site, providing the opportunity to get an idea of what each submission sounded like. Hope these are reintroduced.

    bo din

    Can’t post more than once within how long ? This is absolutely infuriating ! A bit of trust would be welcome after all this time.

    Links either only go up to page 10 or it lands on the penultimate page.

    Jonathan MacKenzie

    Love the idea of having profiles! I did notice though in adding my IG username the regex doesn’t include underscores (though the “feedback” displayed says “Instagram usernames can only contain letters, numbers, full stops and underscores”) I was able to get around the validation in devtools but I imagine most users won’t want to do that 😛

    line 75 of edit-user-profiles.js just changing [^A-Za-z0-9.] to [^A-Za-z0-9._] ought to do it


    Andrea Giordani

    Hey guys! What an amazing achievement for all pianobook team. Congrats. The site is amazing!

    Chester Gwazda

    Lots of improvements to the site. Very well done. (I particularly like the ability to filter by sampler)

    Small tweak to comments: When I hit submit, it removed parenthesis and carriage returns. Also I added an emoji (I need little cartoons to speak for me I guess 🤷‍♂️) and it cleared the comment entirely when I hit submit. Maybe something for the back burner…

    bo din

    Weyhe it goes to 11 !

    bo din

    Sam’s Drawers and also Sam.Ecoff are completely unknown when using the Magnifying Glass to search. The apostrophe issue has been mentioned before.

    But maybe there is some anti-samware blocking the search.

    Ian Williams

    One thing I think this site desperately needs is for the sampler version number to be stated. I can’t update further than Kontakt 6.0, and packs made on v6.4 won’t play on it, so several times I’ve downloaded something only to be unable to use it. It can’t be hard to add a field that samplists can fill in with the exact version they used, can it?

    Cheers for a great resource.



    It would be nice if there was an indication of the download size…


    The removal of line feeds and brackets (and other characters) when submitting a Sample Pack is less than perfect. It requires re-editing the text all over again, and trying to find a way to replace brackets and other special characters…

    And then, when it is published, it is permanent. You can’t edit anything in your profile, so that typo you missed when you were adding line feeds and brackets is going to be there forever. This seems to me like a guaranteed predictable support nightmare – the site support people are going to be getting lots of requests to change text, files, photos, etc, ALL THE TIME!


    Replying to james schlesselman…

    Decent Sampler files have plain .WAV files in the ‘sampler’ folder. The .dspreset file contains all the details of how the .WAVs are played (key ranges, velocity switching, round robins, volumes, pans, etc.) and are in XML, so translating them to something else (or just reading the details) is easy. So just download the Decent Sampler version…

    bo din

    I just checked my profile and it said I have made 226 replies but when I click on the link to replies created it show 318.
    Also it shows @bodinal (maybe instagram thing) but I have left all my things blank (I only have youtube account anyway).
    I only ever used bodinal when getting an account because it wouldn’t allow me to put bo din on the form.

    And I want my profile image to show up in the forum ! Is someone checking them to make sure they are acceptable ?

    I completely missed the grand relaunch yesterday as I was sure it was on Thursday. I even posted something about it being the end of the site that went up but was promptly removed.
    I thought there was a lot of traffic but just went with it. But today when I opened youtube it was showing wall-to-wall Christian Henson Music videos and the penny dropped.

    So the real changes have been to the repository and how we review the libraries.
    The forum, once again, has to wait for Pete (?) to find time to fix the kind of things Jonathan MacKenzie mentioned earlier.
    And I still wonder if Notify me of follow-up replies via email works or has ever worked ?

    And it would be nice to have a preview facility before posting our reply….

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 215 total)
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