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    Marco Iannello

    It would be nice f reviews could be sorted by most recent date, as it was before, rather than rating (I believe that is the new sorting order?). A “nice-to-have” would be the ability to pick the desired sorting.
    Oh, and really glad to see that it is now possible to edit all aspects of one’s submission, cheers for that!

    Gabriel Androczky

    Pianobook libraries (the page for a library) should include a Release Version Number to have a way to identify if a release has been updated for whatever reason, if bugs or quirks have been corrected and the library has been updated. You could update the release version if you upload an updated version of your library.

    Also a way to get notified of new releases (updates) to a library you’ve downloaded would be a very nice addition.

    I’ve run into libraries that had looping problems on one of the sampler flavours and I noted that in my review of one of them for example. Now if the author corrects the loop-points and re-uploads the library, I have no way of knowing this, but I’d love to, because otherwise that library would be a flawless and beautiful tool….
    Just my 2 cents here 😀

    Gabriel Androczky

    Good question @bodinal! I’d double up with why isn’t our name set in our profile displayed next to our posts….

    Emil G.

    I have a couple of questions.
    Can I search the forums? I tried the website search and that searched all but the forums.
    Also, can a video be embedded in a forum post?


    Emil G.

    Ben Smith


    You probably know this already.
    Site doesn’t work well on ios.

    Love your work.

    Terence Lau

    Hi, big fan here.

    Pianobook, superb. But I have one little suggestion, is it possible to display the size of the sample pack file. Wanted to know how big is the file before I download.


    Sam Ecoff

    I was trying to post that I couldn’t add a video link, and actually manually typed in the default link which the PB website gives you for linked videos. It turns out it’s a YT video of Basset Hound care!

    David Macklem

    I still think it’s odd to upload an instrument without a sound sample.

    Some contributors have said that a sound sample might influence the way the sample is used, so they don’t want to give one.

    But I think it’s kind of absurd that we need to download an instrument and install it in order to hear what it basically does.

    Jay Lifton

    Suggestion: Add a queue counter for users’ pending-review libraries, so we have a sense of what the current wait might be.


    FYI: Just tried to update my Profile page and no matter what size pic I upload it covers the Edit Profile link….I have to delete the pic so it shows the default one before I can change or add any info.

    Also when I do update the profile pic it just shows as a black square?

    The pic showing as my Avatar wasn’t uploaded by me as it relates to a personal project I’m currently working on, it is a WordPress site so probably linked from there but not the pic I wanted to show!


    Any future plans to implement Signatures for the Forum or a ‘Like’ and ‘Quote’ button if replying to someone in particular, usual stuff for most Forums.



    @ bo din

    It looks like it’s a WordPress Site to me and the Forum is just an add on, plus if the site is being managed by Volunteers then maybe they don’t have the expertise or time to turn these options on, if they indeed are included in the SW?

    The interaction could be more on here methinks if the options were enabled and I’ve read some of your points in other posts, it does seem strange that a userbase of 45k doesn’t use the Forum more from the base of Pianobook or they promote the use of it more, not everyone uses YT to interact with people as it’s not set up really for that and questions get lost in the feed, especially if there are lots typing.

    There seems to be a separation of thought about the Forum, I’d love it to be more active, especially as a new user to PB and making music with it’s products and Spitfire!

    Although the Spitfire Forum seems quite popular compared to here, as a long term Forum user in the past I do find it weird it’s not used more.



    Hello hello,

    just (finally) signed up as a newbie to pianobook, am looking forward contributing to this lovely community!
    It is a great experience so far, you did a really nice job setting this up!

    just some little hints/suggestions here in the “Suggestions” tab:

    1. the link in the popup for joining the mailinglist is dead, I cannot reproduce the link popup (would need to delete cookies for that I guess) but I am confident you know which one I mean… 🙂
    2. I tried to add my instagram account which somehow did not work… the account is @_lfsaw (it seems not to like the underscore…), would be great if it worked!
    3. is there a reason that there is no entry for a personal website (other than commercial services like youtube/soundcloud/twitter/instagram)?

    Cheers and have a wonderful 2022!


    Error: your reply cannot be created at this time.

    Ho hum!

    I saw the error in the ‘js’ script but it won’t let me post! (Even under the ‘code’ tag!


    I changed my original wording from “Website Feedback” to feedbackk and was finally able to post the previous reply !

    I find it works when it wants to!

    Yeah it does that for me, loads the Website Feedback page on Page 6 then have to click to the last page (As there is no option just to go to ‘Last Page’.

    From my amateur knowledge and looking at the code for the error, it seems when you post, it tries to strip certain Words/Emojis/Code from the Post and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, as they use bbPress, maybe it needs updating?

    As you mention, what is frustrating as someone who might want to participate more is there is no feedback whatsoever from any Mods/Admin when a problem is pointed out, wonder if it would be worthwhile setting up a separate Forum elsewhere, there’s not even a FB Page, it get’s mentioned on the Spitfire FB Page but redirects to, yep! you guessed it, someones Youtube Channel!

    It almost feels like they don’t want people here!

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 190 total)
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