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    We’ve rebuilt the Pianobook website in WordPress to give us the ability to host downloads, a blog and forum all under one roof with a data structure that is more organised than the original Squarespace site can offer.

    We’ve done it in the margins between our paid work, and it’s definitely an ongoing thing…just like this community.

    So we’d value any feedback about bits that don’t work or could work better.

    This is the thread for that. Really looking forward to hearing from you and I really hope that what we’ve made is helping you submit, find and download instruments.




    Yahooo! Here is another test comment for you all, thanks for your hard work in migrating and souping up the site.


    Perhaps a couple comments too, after giving some time for first impressions on the new page:

    It seems we are unable to change our usernames, even though we can change our display names and nicknames. It would be nice if my @ could be just “@conner” if possible, however I’m not familiar with the infrastructure you have in the background presently.

    Another thing is upon clicking the “FORUM” tab up top just brings you to a page where you need click on the pianobook tab again.

    forum splash

    I assume this is like this only right now while we are still figuring things out, and that this particular page will host a few different categories of discussion across the forum as a whole. I would love to see the return of compositions, site-feedback, and instrument related type categories.


    Thanks for the input Conner! I’ll take a look at the username/display name issue next week.

    Re: the forum. I thought I’d see what threads the community started once everyone found the forum. Are you able to start a thread from your account? Feel free to do so – the forum is everyone’s


    Richard Ferrando

    I like the new format!

    I’m guessing that download hosting is still to come since the download links still bounce us to WeTransfer? Because a one-click solution would be handy for downloads in the future. As would a “Download All” button, but that would require some thought about how to get it to only download the newest instruments – maybe using checkboxes and a “Download Selected” button, or organizing each set of “purchases” into separate orders that could be downloaded together or individually. I dunno – just spit-balling ideas.

    Nice work!


    The only thing that I’m missing is a way to display the full library on one page, as I’d normally middle click the library tab.
    Also, I don’t like all the wasted real estate and auto scaling, however that appears to be the way websites and products are these days so I don’t blame you too much.

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Richard. A big thanks to you and your team for all the hardwork building this new site which I see has been built for future potential. I personally really like it.

    My only question at this stage is how do we add our website/bio information to our pages or is that work in progress from transferring the site?



    Maximilian Kisbiro


    nice overhaul!

    Since several instruments can be found in more than one category, it would be nice to have a visual feedback on the library pages, which instruments i already own and which are in my basket.
    Due to this reason, there are some bibs i have more than one time in my account. An option for a cleanup, to delete doubles, would be nice!



    a big “thank you” for all the effort being put into this.
    so many great sounding and creative libraries.
    one thing i’d appreciate seeing is some iconography (or text) on the cards to let folks know what the library format is. is the library kontakt, EXS, or both?

    thanks again.

    Maximilian Kisbiro

    Good morning folks!

    It would be nice to have a rider or something else in the own profile with the submitted instruments. Also for others to see my submissions when on my profile.
    And also to have a way to reupload/change existing own submissions for newer or extended versions for example.

    stay healthy

    Pete Clark

    Is there any way we could submit videos we make like walkthroughs and demonstrations of our instrument submissions to appear on our instrument’s page? This would really help people who are browsing the massive instrument database to be able to learn more about a library before downloading.

    Thanks for all your hard work for this beautiful community,
    Kady Alice

    Bob Ellis

    Richard please disregard my question at https://www.pianobook.co.uk/forums/topic/website-feedback/#post-4627 – clicked on the space for my photo and all sorted 🙂 Bob


    Hi. Thanks for the new web-site and forum – much nicer! However…

    My instrument isn’t in the library any longer! If you search for it, then it is located here:
    But this isn’t linked to from anywhere in the ‘Library’ tab drop-down (I looked at everything…I think.)

    My profile also says that I haven’t uploaded any instruments!

    Do I need to upload it all again? What happens to the stuff that’s already there?



    Here’s a possible submission for the ‘Resources’ tab:

    (Argh! How do you stop the UI from previewing the URL?)


    It’s the ‘Master Keyboards’ database from the previous Forum, which is now orphaned!



    Er, I edited a reply and it has vanished from here!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 190 total)
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