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    Hey there!

    I recently submitted a sample library I affectionately call “Cut & Paste Orchestra” which is a set of wind / strings instruments I created over the past few years. The sounds all embody a consistent aesthetic / philosophy and so I saw it best fitting to batch them together in a single submission ( C&P Strings and Winds ) rather than individual ones.

    However, it’s been a few weeks since I shared, and worry they may have been rejected – I haven’t received any communication about any issues, and not sure if there is a current practice for that (no confirmation of receipt of my submission either). If the ‘collection’ approach isn’t suitable, I’d love to know what I can do to better re-submit and share these sounds with the piano book community.

    Thanks to the piano book community for being so awesome!

    Marco Iannello

    It is just a bunch of few people who take care of pianobook, and often the instrument submission backlog can get large, therefore it is just a matter of time for new instruments to be officially released


    thanks for the insight fellas. I plan to wait a week or two longer before investigating further!
    will be sure to share the library here once it’s available 🙂


    ‘@ Christopher:
    Same here … still waiting for 2 libraries to be published.
    I guess we just have to be patient. 😉


    And a very nice library it is!

    Michael Rempel

    It is probably time for Pianobook to be open to volunteer administrators.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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