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    Maxwell Ray

    I was wondering if there was a name/tool for recreating an analog effect like a chorus with a sample e.g (recreate Chorus, Speaker distortion due to volume, or Dynamics from a Compressor)? Is it something you have to code in Kontakt, a tool I failed to find, or is it just something like putting a sample of the effect into the convolution reverb built into Kontakt. I think if it was an actual tool, it would be great fun to throw random things into it to get a cool distorted sound


    I’m not sure what you are asking. There are literally thousands of VSTs (paid and free) that can create those effects. Perhaps you could be more specific about what you are asking.

    Maxwell Ray

    I am aware of there being vsts out there that do what I’m asking, I was wondering what the process to make these sound yourself is like. I’m trying to recreate the Speaker of a Yamaha porta sound, But I knot know how you would go about sampling the sound so it distorts like the real thing at high volume.


    You can use convolution to “sample” the frequency response of your Yamaha speakers. But that won’t work for capturing the “non-linear behavior” of the speaker (non-linear = the way it saturates / distorts when driven with high gains). There is no easy way to capture and recreate this effect, but you can of course simply make use of the many great saturators and other effects that are already available out there.

    So just use a convolution engine + impulse responses of small speakers loaded into it at 100% wet (you could also try guitar cabs) + saturation plugin (Klanghelm IVGI, Voxengo TubeAmp and Klevgrand FreeAmp are all free and very good). This will get you there.

    If you want to create such an effect completely all by yourself without using existing plugins, I propose you catch up on your college level maths, learn all about C++ and start to study DSP audio development full time. It will take you at least 5 years of full time study until you get to a point where you are capable of coding emulations of real analog gear.

    Maximilian Kisbiro


    I am also not completely sure, what you are looking for,
    but if you are looking to build your own effects, there are
    these Plugins from Positive Grid, where you can (low complexity tho)
    build your own modulation, distortion, delay, eq and compressor.
    Each its own plugin.
    If you look for more complex options but don´t want to code on the lowest level,
    you can use NI Reaktor.
    And if you want to code on a pretty low level there would be BlueCat Audios Plug´n´Script
    or the developement-tool in Reaper.

    But if you are looking for something like an impulse… this won´t work. As @Synthiemental mentioned.
    This method only works for Eq-curves and reverbs as I know.

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