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    AvatarCarlo Tuzza

    Hi all, I’m new and I’m trying to understand if is possibile to use this amazing libraries for scoring tv and video games!

    Thank you 🙂

    bo dinbo din

    So you are new ?

    I posted a reply with two links to the third paragraph on the ABOUT page (link at top of page or under Menu) and also to Terms & Conditions > LIBRARY TERMS OF USE (link at bottom of page).

    Alas, I forgot that posting two links means my reply goes straight to the incinerator.

    Hopefully, they will bring a smile to your face.

    Must dash, I have pots to wash.

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    AvatarCarlo Tuzza

    Thank you, but what I found is only this “Samples downloaded from the Pianobook website may be used as part of a live or recorded musical performance for commercial and non-commerical.”

    This is why I was asking 🙂

    bo dinbo din

    You don’t need to join to use these samples, all we request is that you don’t make commercial sample libraries out of them yourself.

    Your samples may be freely used by anyone accessing the Pianobook library. Usage of samples may be to create commercial and non-commercial musical compositions or recordings, however repackaging of the samples into a commercial product will be forbidden without your express permission.

    now, smile.

    “insert emoji here”

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    AvatarCarlo Tuzza

    AHHH ok, I get it now.

    Thank you for this!

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