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    Hello everyone,
    With all due respect to each and every member of this beautiful Pianobook community, I want to express that this is my first post in this forum and I want to share my enormous respect with every member who is making beautiful music libraries here. I always wanted to make and upload a sample library including the unique and beautiful sounds from my land i.e Assam, India and share them with you guys but, never got enough time to learn to map samples in Kontact. I am still learning to sample sounds properly and when ready I will share my libraries with you and I believe you will love them.

    A few months ago I made a song about time and death and today it finally got released. This is a song I wrote in my native language and it expresses the journey of a soul as it leaves a person and travels far into the unknown. And, to add some magic to the music of this song, I used two very beautiful libraries made by this community. Those libraries are “Winter Voices” and “Clay’s Hose Choir“. I meshed the melody I made from these two libraries using equalizer and compressor and a little bit of tape distortion and added to my song to give a soft ethereal feel to it. I am adding a link to the song in this post here: FusionA – Xomoi feat. Ongkham Boruah.

    If you get some free time someday please, do check the song. I hope you will like it.

    Thank you to everyone in this community and please, do not see this as a promotion of my song. I am sharing my happiness with you all.

    Thank you.

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