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    While skimming through the Pianobook library I’m always amazed about how many great sounding libraries are available here. Since as the name indicates PB started as a project to showcase the variety of pianos that exists out there, it’s naturally a very piano-centric collection, with much less variety in the other instrument categories.

    Which instrument type would you like to see more libraries of in the future other than pianos? Which instrument category do you feel is underrepresented in the current collection?


    Well, I would love to see more regions of the world represented. For example, while I can’t say there are No Asian instruments, I would love to see many more.



    Personally I would like to see more bread and butter band sounds like electric bass and electric guitar.

    Justin R

    I would love to see a bass/alto choir, electric sitar, theremin, and more drums and jazz instruments on Pianobook, personally.

    Kinslea Rae

    Some more Celtic instruments!!! We’ve got the Uilleann Pipes, now just for some Celtic whistles, Irish flute, fiddles, the Bodhran, perhaps a Celtic harp.


    For something common I’d say drums, but I plan on changing that a little in not too long, And drums are generally saturated as a market.

    Overall my answer is any kind of folk instruments from anywhere in the world. Just something I love. More choral stuff too. Would love stuff like Kotos and Ouds and Native percussion. And a personal want is a Viola Da Gamba.

    David Macklem

    Thank you for this topic!

    I like the soft, quiet instruments played imperfectly. It’s so hard to find that in the commercial sites. My favorite instrument at Pianobook is the Bedroom Clarinet. I’d love to have more like that.


    The instrument in the latest Rob Scallon Video. That thing has got some vibes.

    Mark Van Schaik

    Great post!

    I’d like to see more “keyboard/workstation” style pads like Korg Karma ,OASIS etc.

    I’d really love to try creating my own banks of sounds from synth presets i made in the past years, but seeing i need to dive in a text-editor for it holds me from it as i have absolutely no clue what to do. So, without breaking the thread: are there any sources or even YT video’s available for that?



    How to make sample libraries – 2020 Edition (Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler, REAPER)
    David Hilowitz

    By the way, not part of Pianobook, but Fluffy Audio is giving away a free Koto library for Kontakt. It is around 670 MB! I haven’t tried it yet.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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