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    Anders Wall

    Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer Glass


    Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer String

    They will find their way to this site soon but I’m too exited to not share them with you.
    The final installments of the Acoustic Unicorn Series.

    Next up is grand piano and a celeste.
    I’m planning on creating them for both kontakt as well as decent sample.

    Please consider subscribing to my YouTube.


    bo din

    I just happened to notice this had appeared about half way down the page. Though this is not unusual for Pianobook. Occasionally some new libraries are added to the ‘Libraries – Latest’ tab and they appear days after five or so but are lower down the visual display.

    Anyway, thanks Anders, for the early release upload.

    Couple of points, I could only get the downloads to complete if I did one at a time and it is a bugger to get to 400MB and the resume goes back to 0MB. Also the google drive link returns a not found message.

    And that is a bump !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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