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    James Blunsdon

    Hey everyone,
    Just need a quick second opinion really. Is it just my imagination or are some of the notes towards the higher end of the Spitfire LABS soft piano ever so slightly delayed. I’m working on a slow ambient type piece where it feels as though some samples have a bit of a delay even if I quantise the notes. Particularly around C4/C5 area.

    Like I said, it could purely be my imagination! But if not, it would be awesome to get this fixed 😀



    James Blunsdon

    I’ve identified a few A3 (one rr slightly too loud), D4/E4/F4/G5 sort of area (slightly delay on one of the rr) if you repeatedly play 16th or 32nd notes you can hear what I mean. Around D6 as well.

    I’m not looking for brownie points, I’d just love a second opinion or for this to be addressed, the LABS soft piano is exactly the sound I need, nothing else really suits this piece! <3

    bo din

    Took me a while to figure out you are talking about a bank for a plugin that isn’t connected to this site. I knew I had these free Spitfire Labs but I couldn’t find them anywhere in my Kontakt hard drive.

    But I did find the plugin; LABS (and updated and downloaded new labs, so thank you).

    I can’t hear it, but I don’t really know what I’m listening for. Basically, don’t take my word for it !

    Maybe post on Spitfires forum which I’m guessing has more footfall than here.

    James Blunsdon

    Hey bo din, thank you for your reply – yes you’re right! Sorry I didn’t realise had it’s own forum, I just figured that many of the users of pianobook would be familiar with LABS


    Its never anything that’s affected me or troubled me in playing/programming. Like many pianos, it’s the idiosyncrasies that defines it’s character.
    That said, I brought into the LABS range before the rebrand when it was a range of small Kontakt Libraries so could open it up and tweak if I ever need to.
    It you’re looking for something similar but with more control, Spitfire took the Yamaha U3 from LABS Soft Piano and re-recorded it at AIR Lyndhurst, packaging it up in the Originals range. It’s a bargain, Look it up. Originals: Cinematic Soft Piano.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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