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    Like the title says.
    Even the download button says that it’s “0MBs” whereas the EXS24 one is 255MBs.
    When I did download it, I got an error in WinRAR saying that the archive is either in an unknown format or damaged.
    Any way to fix this? Is it just a problem on my side?

    bo din

    Sadly the gremlins haven’t just affected TJ’s U-Bass
    but these as well;
    Glass & Crystal Organ
    Takamine Ac Guitar
    Mikor Piano Felt

    The site is aware of the issue as the links have been removed.
    It’s really a matter of waiting to see if the issues get fixed.

    With small zips like these there usually isn’t anything you can do with them.
    With much larger corrupt files you can use Repair archive in Tools in Winrar to try and repair them well enough to extract the contents.


    Thank you very much for the response, I don’t mind waiting at all. Hope that it will all get sorted out.

    Happy Holidays!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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