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    So, I’m trapped in the submission error loop yet again. I try to submit a Sample Pack, and when I try to send the Zip, I get one bar, then two, then three, then it resets, and I get one, two, maybe three bars and it resets (Although in the real world, it doesn’t happen as quickly as this…). After doing this for a while I then get an error dialogue: ‘There was an error uploading your file:’ if I try again, then guess what happens? Exactly the same sequence…

    Logging out and in again doesn’t help – I get exactly the same behaviour (IGETSB). Trying a different browser doesn’t help (IGETSB). Using a different computer doesn’t help (IGETSB). Using a different operating system doesn’t help (IGETSB). Trying different times and days doesn’t help (IGETSB). Trying to upload a different Sample Pack (I have a queue of uploads I would like to get through!) doesn’t help (IGETSB).

    Previously, stopping submissions for a couple of months seemed to fix it… Is there a quota limit on submissions?

    Any ideas how to break out of this?


    Think you may have gathered by now, the website is a broken mess.


    Fixed. I have the highest possible praise for the Pianobook ‘behind the scenes’ people who contacted me and helped me to sort out my problems. Huge kudos to them. Wonderful.

    Oh, and thanks also to OpenReach, who spent nearly four hours sorting out multiple problems with my broadband connection, that evaded most of their tests, but that were causing all sorts of collateral damage. Thanks to determined efforts by the excellent engineer, normal service has been restored.

    Eoin O’Dowd

    I am also having the same issue what was the problem in the end? It may help me also. thanks.

    Martin Russ

    I seem to have been banned. I am unable to post anything without getting an error. So I have generated a second account… Hence, ‘synthesizerwriter’ says:

    It was a combination and interaction of things. My broadband had been getting slower and slower, and when I did a speedtest it showed that my upload speed was very variable – sometimes it was just awfully low, but sometimes it was zero (really zero!). It seems that this was upsetting the upload process.

    The engineer from OpenReach said that the fault was very unusual – he hadn’t seen a hardware fault like it before, so this probably isn’t your problem…

    But the Pianobook elves did say that they were looking at an improved uploader… I get the impression that there’s a lot of incremental work going on in the background…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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