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    Phil Jackson


    I’m new to the sampling world and have been trying to see the whole process from start to finish in my mind, with difficulty.

    I think I know what the separate bits are; Christian and Dave Hilowitz excellent audio recording videos, adding effects in Logic/Iris 2, making a Kontakt Library – but it’s seeing the whole thing from start to finish. For instance what would have been the step by step process (just basic bullet points) Marco Ianello went through to create the various nki files for this excellent Plastic Flap samples https://www.pianobook.co.uk/library/plastic-flap/

    I think the bit I’m most confused about is the taking the raw samples, adding effects to them and then exporting them to Kontakt and making a sample library out of them

    Anyway any help would be gratefully received! Thanks.

    S Fyffe

    The Pianobook YouTube channel has a useful ‘How to Sample’ series on creating instruments in Kontakt and Logic:

    and our good friends at Audio Artemis have just released an excellent ebook called ‘The Basics of Kontakt Sampling’


    Marco Iannello

    First, I would like to thank you, Phil, for thinking my Plastic Flap samples are “excellent”, you are very kind to say that, cheers!

    To quickly explain the process around how I made it:

    – I recorded the samples with my Shure SM58
    – imported and chopped up the audio file in Pro Tools, selecting the bits that “worked”
    – time-stretched said over 8/16 bars, using the different “in-the-box” time-stretching algorithms
    – applied a few instances of Little Alter Boy, playing around with the settings until it sounded as I heard it in my head
    – applied Valhalla Supermassive, loading different presets and tweaking them until I achieved the desired sounds
    – bounced all the processed recordings
    – imported the samples into Kontakt, and you can explore each NKI to see what is going on under the hood

    Hope that was useful!

    Last, I also was going to recommend Audio Artemis’ book.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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