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    AvatarRIk Loveridge

    Can anyone recommend a video step by step explaining how to load and play these magficient sounds in EXS please?


    Do you mean how to download and play EXS versions, or do you mean how to download and load WAV versions into EXS (for instruments that do not have an EXS version)?

    There is this video by David Hilowitz:

    Video: Trying out Apple’s new Sampler plug-in + FREE EXS SAMPLE LIBRARY


    You mean … this?

    AvatarRIk Loveridge

    Thanks guys. I’ll study the vids. I had assumed if I downloaded using the supplied EXS link for an instrument that it would include mapping and I’d just need to move it (the whole folder downloaded?) to a location where EXS stores its presets. I’ll try again with this video info and see if any questions remain. Thanks.

    AvatarRIk Loveridge

    In Video above:-
    1. He has a EXS file and (presumably) the WAV file it was created from. He drags just the EXS file. Does the EXS file contain the WAV(s) required or does it reference/use the WAV file he has there? I.E is the EXS file self-contained?
    2. At the end he hurriedly mentions “When you get a patch file….” and that lost me. Is the EXS file previously mentioned not a patch file? Perhaps a patch file is a tweaked version of a program and therefore shares the same WAVs?
    Many thanks

    AvatarRIk Loveridge

    Let me explain my confusion if I can. I’ve just downloaded ‘Pontillism Guitar’. It is in EXS and Kontakt format. The exs file is 16 KB so must rely on the WAV files. If I just copy the exs file to the SAMPLER INSTRUMENT (as the video shows) how does it work if it has no samples to play? Should they be moved as well or does the file remember (have a link) to where they are? If the samples themselves are moved will the exs instrument stop working?

    I have similar questions re a Kontakt instrument but best get my head around EXS first.

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    bo dinbo din

    In Kontakt or most samplers, a dialogue box will pop up and ask where the missing files (or containing folder) are located and you then navigate to the appropriate location. Then if all goes well, you would save the patch/instrument/library so that it knows the next time you load it.

    I am currently loading exs files into Kontakt 5 (having discovered the KConvert method) and I am having to locate many “missing” files.

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