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    Hello everyone !
    I am the lucky owner of an August Foster grand I felted, and have the chance of having access to Coles 4038 mics for about 2 weeks, so I figured now might be the best time to try and create a vst out of it.

    I recorded this short track yesterday night, and feel like the sound is too “dull”,especially in the low range. Does anyone with more experience than I do in recording and processing felt pianos could give some feedback on thee sound and suggest solutions to improve it ? Or is it just something that should be EQ’ed ?

    Would removing the lid of the piano help ?

    I want to make sure to have the best possible sound before I actually record the samples.
    thank you for all feedback !

    Bob Ellis

    Doesn’t sound dull to me Sarah.

    Would removing the lid of the piano help ?

    Sampling is a lot about experimenting so my advice is give it a try.

    As for getting the best sound – the advice I always remember is get somebody to play what you want to sample and move around until your ears find the best sound then stick the mics there.

    I look forward to hearing your instrument in the future.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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