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    It’s great to see that the Pianobook collection is becoming more accessible, especially with the latest release of more than 100 sets in the wonderful DecentSampler format.

    Hence I want to use the opportunity to share some additional mappings in the SFZ format, which can be used with the free Sforzando instrument, which also enjoys quite some popularity. Some of these mappings have not been added to their respective pages yet, it would be great if the admins could do this!

    There are SFZ format mappings available for:

      David’s CP70
      Hunsicker Helpenstill
      Jon Meyer Kawai Felt Piano
      Mason & Hamlin Model A – Pianobook
      Jon Meyer Soft Drums
      Soft String Spurs
      Sol’s Piano
      The King’s Upright

    Find them in the SFZinstruments GitHub repository here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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