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    Peter H

    Hi Pete,

    Hi Pete Calandra (author of the great Sol’s Piano),

    Great piano! Thank you so much!
    Like you suggested, I made a patch including the MP samples (= for the other members: the 4th and softest velocity layer Pete put into the ZIP file).

    I actually found the volume differences of the original samples quite good!
    So I simplified the velocity curve but also made some slight changes to the mapping areas.
    I also changed the velocity modulation strength for the “Release Group” from 100% to 10%. I am not an expert piano player, but is the volume of the release sounds not independent from the initial strike force?

    I will adjust the settings of my patch in the coming weeks according to feel and ear.
    So maybe today’s patch will change a bit, but then i could somehow can send it to you and – if you like it – you can put in into your downloadable Zip file or in this forum thread.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards from Berlin,

    Peter H

    edit / addition: regarding the Release volume. I have thought about it, and it may not be dependent on the initial strike force but of course on the velocity releasing the key.
    And of course, there is an option in Kontakt to modulate the volume of the release samples via the so called “Release Velocity”. The question is, is this release velocity always output by standard MIDI keyboards?
    I tried mine, and it seems to work.

    Peter H

    If somebody wants it, go ahead, write me.


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    Peter H

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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