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    Hi, and firstly, thanks to all for making DecentSampler with PianoBook
    content happen!!! I’m greatly enjoying the tubular glokenspiel, kalimbas,
    and the heavenly Array Mbira!

    The Shimmel piano has an odd issue, it looks for a few dozen samples named like:

    /Samples/Sustain/mp/03_HmeSchimmelPiano_B-1_p_sus.wav ,,,but the actual sample is named:

    /Samples/Sustain/mp/03_HmeSchimmelPiano_B-1_mp_sus.wav …these samples are missing the m from mp.

    The piano never loads, presumably because of the ‘does not exist’ errors.
    The archive expanded without errors in Ubuntu linux 20.04
    containing 1079 files, with a size of 10,731,085,051 bytes.

    Also, there are two consecutive spaces in the folder named “Shimmel Piano (DS)”
    when for linux, it’s best not to have any spaces in pathes and titles.
    Now, back to my shiny new Mbira!


    I fixed the names mentioned above, so now there are no ‘missing xyz’ errors in the terminal output from Reaper, but still, the instrument never loads.

    I downloaded the Kontakt version, and it runs well in linux/wine/Reaper.I thinks this is the most alive virtual piano I’ve used, instantly noticed after playing some very good commercial piano plugins. It has no mercy revealing my weaker fingers, and the tones above middle C are delightful. The instrument inspires practice.

    The Gourd Kalimba is also a treasure…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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