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    Justin B

    Hello everyone, my name is Justin and I’m an undergrad Computer Science student in the U.S. I occasionally write music and or try to learn instruments.

    I find sampling really interesting as a technical and organizational challenge, and right now I’m learning a new language(julia) by scripting a parser for sfz.

    Also, I am a cheap bastard, so it is fun to see what kind of sounds i can use without spending money. nice to meet y’all

    Steve Amesbury

    Hi, My name is Steve, and I’m from the south coast of NSW Australia. I have no musical background and almost no musical talent.

    But as I edge ever closer to retirement (or as it creeps ever closer to me) I feel an overwhelming desire to learn, dabble and possibly even one day, contribute to music-making. With a background in computing going back to the dinosaur years (pre-personal computers) using electronic-based instruments comes more naturally to me than traditional (dare I say analog?) instruments. Having spent a lifetime in non-artistic endeavours, I hope to make up for it in my dotage.

    My first (pedantic) contribution is to let you know that the wonderful HoveFlute has somehow found its way into the “metallic instrument” category and may be more comfortable somewhere else. I hope that sometime in the future I can contribute something of value.

    Until then, my humble and heartfelt thanks to all of you who contribute so much to this wonderful endeavour, and who constantly inspire me!


    Adrian Wadley

    Hello all.

    I’m Adrian – another new member with very little musical talent but an immense appreciation for those that do, and profound thanks for all the wonderful finds here on pianobook that I have been experimenting with.

    On average we’re a musical family – my wife sings in a San Francisco Chorus, and my son plays piano, sax, and clarinet, as well as composing a little. I’m the least musical (I can just about manage a few tunes on the ukulele). But I’ve become inspired by sampled instruments, and have been helping my son arrange his compositions using a range of available sampled instruments. It’s been a steep learning curve over the last couple of months, during which I’ve enjoyed trying out many pianobook submissions.

    Since we built a marimba last year (lockdown project) it’s about time I sampled it. I have made versions for Kontakt 6, DecentSampler and EXS24. The DS version has options to access the original unprocessed samples.

    Before I submit it is there anyone on the forum that would be kind enough to give it a road test and let me have some feedback? Thanks!


    Jorge Serrano

    Hi all

    my name is Jorge and I live in Madrid, Spain

    I love the music, and the violin and piano over all instruments

    Iā€™m a computer scientist and a music lover, and I occasionally try write music

    Now I am trying convert some old instruments into DS in my spare time

    I like a lot the spirit of Pianobook or DS

    Best Regards,


    Jo Krielly

    Hello, my moniker (nickname) here is Krielly, and I live currently in Germany.
    I discovered PianoBook a few months back around the time DecentSampler became available for Linux. I’ve been playing guitar for about 18 years, and in the last few years started to learn how to produce music with Reaper.
    As someone without much money and also using Linux, I find the accessibility of PianoBook libraries and DecentSampler really great and helpful to have lots of new sounds and textures to play with. I hope one day also to create some sampled instruments of my own to contribute but for the moment am still struggling along to get equipment together, learn, and make some music that I like along the way.
    I’m also an independent filmmaker and will be composing the music for my next documentary.
    This is my Bandcamp site, I only have one song there so far but hopefully once I have enough fitting tracks together for an EP there will be more: https://forestrage.bandcamp.com/releases

    Paul Williamson

    Hello! My name is Paul and I compose Viking Era Dark Age style music. I am from North East England and just wanted to pop a message on here to introduce myself! If you would like to take a listen to some of my work here is a link to the HYMALAYA Youtube channel where I have started posting both music videos and visual type stuff to go with my tracks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRohkWLVomg92U9FMbK3hTg

    I look forward to getting to know some of you and making some new friends! And please send me your composition work as I always love to hear and listen to new music!


    Anson Ong

    Hello there and apa khabar? (how are you?) in Malaysian language šŸ˜€
    My name is Anson Ong and I have my own music arrangement outfit in http://soundcloud.com/ansonfclef

    bo din

    Hello all, there is very little in the way of a reception committee in the forum but make yourselves at home…

    Here’s more if my story.

    In an unusually hot UK, the pots are piling up at the side of my sink and I will be using the electric lawn rake to try and remove as much moss as I can.

    Don’t worry about my pots though, as I have enough pots and cutlery to get through until the weekend when we are expecting cooler temperatures and fresh breezes.

    Angella Woodman

    Hello. I am from Canada. Im an audiofiction producer who very recently has started to use Reaper. A lot of my interest is based on wanting to create my own music for the audiodrama as well as hopefully figure out a way to make voice alterations using Reaper (and ongoing exploration of plugins).
    I am VERY new to Pianobook but I’m looking forward to determining how to use its many components ! šŸ™‚
    If anyone has an introduction to Pianobook for Reaper website I would be forever in debt to you sharing it with me haha

    bo din

    Hi there Angella, probably the first thing to try would be Decent Sampler plugin. It’s free to use and download after you have registered for a free account. I think there are about 170 instruments available on PB in the Decent Sampler format.

    You’ll notice that I don’t give a direct link. This is because sometimes posts don’t get published until any links have been checked by Keyholders on Pianobook.

    I don’t use Reaper myself, so can’t help with the precise details but here’s how it generally goes to get a Decent Sampler library into a DAW.

    1/. Download the Decent Sampler zip file from the Decent Sampler site and extract the contents and install the plugin.

    2/. Download a couple of Pianobook libraries in the Decent Sampler format and extract the contents to a folder of your choice.

    3/. Open your DAW and scan for plugins and then load Decent Sampler.

    4/. On the very first use Decent Sampler will ask for your account email and password and then ask where you have put your libraries. Navigate to the folder that you chose in step 2.

    5/. When Decent Sampler loads click on FILE… and select Rescan Libraries.

    6/. Click on FILE… and select Sample Libraries and then select a library or preset, which will then load into DecentSampler.

    Hope that helps. If you do get more involved in it, you might look at other software and plugins.

    By the way, Dave Hilowitz, the man behind Decent Sampler has a few instruments on his site as well which also come up on the plugin if you select BROWSE and SAMPLE STORE.

    If you need more precise help post a new thread in the main forum as there is more traffic there and mention if you are on windows or mac.

    sean searle

    Hey. How do I put in a request for an instrument.

    I wonder if a spring door stop would be a cool item to sample. Maybe if someone has got one to sample, they could look into it (I unfortunately do not have one)

    Peter Flint

    Hi there, I’m Peter Flint. I’ve been a visitor and contributor to Pianobook’s library of instruments for over a year now but have never posted in the forums before, so I’m looking to communicate more within the community! I’ve been a media composer for six years now and throughout the last two of those I’ve found a huge amount of fulfillment in the process of sampling.

    My home is in rural Leicestershire in the UK where there is a lot of talent in the videogame and film industries, though there is a drought in funding for the latter. I’ve been working with those and the local arts community throughout my university education and beyond. While I didn’t study music after high school I took a Masters degree in digital art where I focused on interactive sound installations, and I think this is where my enthusiam for sampling comes from. Creating satisfying interactive sound formed from personal stories is such a joy and I’m so happy to share it with this community.


    Richard Waters

    Good evening all,

    Just wanted to say Hi, and thank you for all the work and effort that goes into these,
    Im 42 from south wales, not originally, from kent, but haved lived here since 1989,
    i first felt music at a young age, and picked up a guiter at around 17.
    Have done the band thing, circa 2002 – 2008 ish, then got fed up of it, did a sound tech degree.
    Then fell ill [booooo!!] and since then ive been just at home constantly on cubase etc, writing, mixing, recording demo’s
    learning from others.
    Anyway im just getting into Kontakt, I studied a bit in uni but it was Reactor and all that faff, just didnt interest me that much tbh,
    but samples, loops, i like them, i know where i stand.

    Anyway nice one guys and girls and whatever you may identify as,


    Dicky x


    Richard Lawler

    Hello Samplebook.

    I’m new to this resource. It’s wonderful.

    I’ve got a bit of learning about what tools: software and hardware to use.

    I coded a multi-sampling synthesizer about 12 years ago. And I recorded many of the samples for it.

    I’m now playing samples either in MAX, Bitwig, Pigments or Ableton software on a Mac or on a Deluge synthesizer.

    I would like to build up to creating some multi-sample instruments using original recordings and sharing them if there’s anything that rises to that level.


    Hey there, Film composer from Berlin… havent contributed yet, (I will one of these days, I promise…) just wanted to express my gratitude for this so cool community and thank you for the existence. Share the wealth. Love is music, music is love.

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