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    bo din

    Robarth, intrigued to know what software (DAW, samplers, plugins and other stuff) you are using and how far you have got.

    I remember being in that boat, in the late 90s and using a Windows 98 program called Data Becker Studio before switching to Fruity Loops/FL Studio and it took me three days to get a bloody sound out of it ! I didn’t know anyone who could help me and I didn’t get the internet for another twelve years.

    To this day, I don’t know much about music but I still look forward to what can emerge out of a session on the old pc. Whether, it is something short and sweet that took me hours to perfect or something I knocked off in 10 minutes and could never get close to again without the saved project.

    I hope your hobby brings you many years of satisfaction.

    Pedro Fonseca

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Pedro Breculê and I’m very happy to join the community!
    I’m from Brazil, play the 7 string guitar, singer/songwriter, graduated from Berklee and I’m about to release my first solo album!
    Can’t believe how many amazing sounds are around here! Thank you so much!
    I’ve never done any sampling of my own but this is probably about to change soon enough!
    Anyways, it’s amazing to be a part of this beautiful community and I’m looking forward to connecting with you all!

    fabio barbon

    Hello! I am Fabio Barbon from Italy, senior computer scientist with an endless love for music and a classical training in pianoforte and composition.

    I’ve written for radio and television in the past but never published anything on the internet. Still figuring out whether streaming is good or not for music (right now I am somewhat inclined to believe that too much abundance might be worse than scarsity when it comes to music listening, expecially for composers, but I am more than happy to discuss this subject)

    In the meantime I write and record a lot, exploring musical forms and trying to bring together classical compositional techniques, electronic devices (such as modulars synthesizers) and computer music tools (such as csound, puredata and direct C++ coding).

    I’ve written some patch sharing websites for popular synthesizers such as Novation Circuit (https://circulate.neuma.studio), Behringer Deepmind (https://deepremind.neuma.studio) and Waldorf Blofeld (https://blofilled.neuma.studio).

    Kind regards,

    Thai Le

    Hey everybody!

    My name is Thai. I am 28 years old and have been making music since high school! Recently i’ve gotten a few gigs working on projects for other people and now am trying to turn this full time. I love electronic things and orchestral things. Any blend between works for me. Thank you to everyone who has put out samplers. I plan to make one karmically in return! If anyone would like to collaborate or has interesting avenues or directions they would like to point me to, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear your point of views 🙂

    My website is http://www.violetfeel.com. Anyone can contact me on here or on there! Hope to hear from you guys!

    Brian Craig

    My name is Brian
    New here and very new at sample well anything but I would to love to learn what has worked for others so I am glad I found this community
    Now I use Logic Pro X and really did not like the old exs24 I am learning about the New Sampler which looks a lot for easy on the eyes

    So I would like to start with items around my apartment

    So I hope I can find and learn from others that have a lot more experience then I do

    God Bless and keep safe out there

    m wy

    Hi everyone,
    Mark from Amsterdam. Pianist, keyboards, conductor, musicals, tango, classical, composer, many other hats.
    I want to thank Christian and everyone here for making this astonishingly rich site. What a resource. Wow. Beautiful sounds.
    With Corona, like most of the planet, everything has stopped, which gives me more time to investigate things like Pianobook.
    I would like to contribute, and have my eye on a large Bechstein grand at a friend’s studio, to make a Decent Sampler set [not into Kontakt – why pay?]. It will be a while, and i am not sure about mics and other equipment – not a professional tech -, but hope to try soon. I have never sampled in a real way before, so i’m unsure of the procedure. I will explore, on this site and elsewhere, and will try to bring myself up to speed.

    Again much thanks.

    Benjamin McCourt

    Hey everyone, my name is Benjamin. I was a full-time musician for 20 years then slid into earning a more regular wage and ended up with a removals business. Oops. I am now returning to music full-time, lesson learned. For a little while now, my morning routine has included downloading a new piano from here and playing with it. I love the way they all have something to offer (that’s pianos innit) but some are especially nice to get lost in for a bit. One I keep going back to is Mickleburgh Piano. Thanks heaps to everyone who has contributed. I will start submitting samples of my own pianos soon. Peace and love to all. X


    Hello Everyone,

    I’m Khatch, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (California). I’m a Vocalist and a Woodwind player. I sing in Armenian, Arabic, Farsi, and play the Armenian double reed, Duduk, among a few other wind instruments, with a little bit of frame drum and a lot dabbling in synthesizers and new to sampling.

    Coming from an acoustic music background, I find it quite refreshing to explore electronic music, but also have grown fond of exploring how these sound worlds and spaces can converse.

    Happy to join the community and connect. 🙂


    David Wood

    Hi, everyone David here, based in the North East of England. Full time carer and part ime composer. I’ve been around music since day one and that was 58 years ago. This seems to be an amazing community, so glad I joinedIplyed brass, French horn and trumpet when I was younger, but my passion was always the guitar, and made a living for a number of years in a band playing the club circuit. Now I just love composing. Not for any financial gains, just for the love of music!!. However as fuultine carer for my wife my time is limited, but I seem to fit it in when I can.The samples on this site are phonomenal, so looking forward to using them.

    Guido Metzner

    Hello my name is Guido,

    I’m from Berlin.
    First of all I want to say how great I think the idea of this website is!

    I am a hobby musician or as it is called nowadays “bedroom producer”…
    I used to have clarinet lessons (over 35 years ago), but then, as a teenager, I didn’t find it so interesting anymore and switched to guitar and keyboard ;).
    Over the years for a long time I completely lost sight of making music. Corona involuntarily gave me more time and I returned to my hobby: music. I have now set up a small “bedroom studio” and see how my new old hobby develops.
    Some first attempts can you find hier: https://metapop.com/guidobln

    Best wishes

    Jamie Page

    Hey all,

    I’ve just started a new website comprising of random samples, loops, sounds, sequences and others for people to use in their own compositions however they want, chop them up, pitch them down, resonate that harmonic!!!!

    thanks everyone


    Bee Feltham

    Hello All,

    Being off work sick for a few months, I’ve started exploring home production including sample-based instruments. I’m an amateur guitarist who always wanted to be an author and composer, but ended up as an academic. I’m very new to the technology but I’m enjoying the process of learning, even though my health makes mental tasks very difficult. At present, I’m occasionally posting music to YouTube (under the pseudonym Bee Abney) and looking to make atmospheric music and sound design for an online role-playing group. Having just discovered Pianobook I thought I’d register to say a general and very hearty thank you to everyone posting their work here. There are some really lovely and creative instruments here!

    Take care,

    Chris Oosthuizen

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Chris, I am from South Africa and a user of Christian Hensons Spitfire Labs, PG Music’s Band in a Box and SFZ in Cakewalk.
    I am not formally trained in music or music production and everything I know, I have learnt through trial and error.
    Being a guitarist by choice and song writer only in self defense, I often look to samples for inspiration and enhancing my sometimes crappy compositions.
    I would have known of this pianobook had it not been brought under our attention from one of my guitar talk friends. I owe him a pint sometime. And this site feels like a gold mine. So deep and so little time.

    I do have some material on https://soundcloud.com/chris-oosthuizen-1 for listening. Some instrumentals, and other songs in English and my native language Afrikaans.

    I truly believe that this site will grow through the inspiration it inspires.


    Max Richardson

    Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. My name’s Max, I’m a freelance composer based up in Liverpool.

    I’ve been lurking on the site pinching your libraries for a couple of months now, and have been meaning to create an account to say hello. I LOVE the concept of the site, this is something I’m really interested in – I did my MA degree in electroacoustic composition so worked a lot with field recordings etc. to create soundscapes, I love how creative people are!

    I’ve got a couple of instruments I’m planning to try and create in the coming weeks, which I’ll gladly release here. I’ve got some cool ideas of some weird timbral sounds that I might have a play with, we’ll see where the wind takes me!

    Just saying hi for now, and thanks so much for this site Christian – it’s such a great initiative and I can’t wait to dive in.

    If anyone’s interested in my music, or social links – find them here! http://push.fm/fl/MaxRichardson


    Hi everyone,
    My name is Ryan Weeks. I am from North Carolina, USA. I have been lurking around pianobook for a while now actually and have made a few demos, and figured I’d say hi/introduce myself.
    I grew up learning piano from this instruction book at my grandmas house, learned the notes etc. Later I decided I wanted to play guitar (after watching school of rock actually.. and becoming obssessed with ACDC haha). I sort of got an intuition for how songs were built with the guitar learning chord progressions and picking them out on the radio.
    I got introduced DAW’s hanging out with a friend in high school who would produce rap/trap beats and record kids from the area. I would mostly hang around and play a riff on a synth or something when called for I guess.
    I mainly got interested in composing sometime around college. Largely gave it up though since I found that no matter how creative I could be musically, using boring sounds always made things sound boring, kind of invariably so..
    Years later, covid hit, got stuck inside, decided to pick it up again, and go foraging for good sounding sounds (summer last year), found spitfire and found pianobook and here we are!

    Love what pianobook is about, hope to actually try and make some instrument at some point, but haven’t really had any good ideas just yet..

    Anyways, HI!

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