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    Hidde Pieters

    Hey hey,

    My name is Hidde, and I am a largely self-taught music producer and composer (in training) from The Netherlands who wants to apply himself far too broadly than is probably advisable. I’ve done some work for a small video game under my stage name “Wolfgang Miakoda,” and release occasional pieces as an independent artist under the same name. I’ve also done some voice acting work (which hasn’t been released yet as of writing this), I’ve done a few live shows as a DJ, and am currently also dabbling into creative coding with MAX MSP and Javascript. The things I work on in terms of music are about as spread out as my interests, as I’ve worked in everything from orchestral music to abstract sound compositions, from chill house to hardstyle, and much more. I’d like to think I’ve learned how to pull from these many genres and styles of music to give each piece a unique twist, but that opinion of mine is obviously subject to bias. You can find most of my released work here, though most of the work I’ve made is unreleased as I just never got around to finishing it, a struggle which I’m sure many here are familiar with: https://soundcloud.com/wolfgangmiakoda
    I’m currently enrolled in the HKU under Composition for the Media, and I’m looking to add creative systems design and studio technology to that as well, as I just see it all as tools for my musical tool belt, which admittedly may end up being self-destructive considering the hefty workload it will undoubtedly bring. The problem is that I just want to do too many things; I want to compose for film and tv, I want to compose for games, I want to perform as an independent EDM artist, I want to write for bands, I want to voice characters in video games, etc. Admittedly, I’m leaning most to composition for film and games, so I’m likely to lay my focus there, but I would love to be able to do all these other things on the side.

    I found Pianobook after seeing Christian’s recent video on dynamic crossfades, and having the Mickleburgh Piano really catch my eye. Having taken a quick peek around the site, I think I’ll be coming back here occasionally to see the fantastic work people are putting out there, cuz what I’ve seen so far has been amazing. Really excited to further explore what you wonderful people have to offer, and maybe even get into sampling myself (if I can find the time for it).

    Cheers, and kind regards,

    stefano bellotta

    Thanks for the welcome and greetings to the community.
    I am a self-taught pianist-keyboardist with a jazz and prog vocation with a great passion for electronic-computer science applied to music. Thanks

    Fabien Llorca

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Fabien, I’m from southern France actually. I’m currently living in Nice. I discovered the Christian Henson Music Youtube channel recently which eventually lead my right here with you folks. Must say this is a great environment and I really wanted to thank everyone.

    I’m not a composer per say since I don’t actually score anything for companies or third party. But I am a multi instrumentalist (not a very good one but I try ;p ). I play guitare, piano, harmonica, mandoline, uke, and chinese flutes that my mom brougth back me from a trip. I have a band (we don’t have a name, that’s how cool we are) and I am very grateful for the resources I found here.

    Look forward to talking to you good folks !

    Best regards

    Nicholas Rankin

    Hey, y’all. Greetings from Nashville, TN.

    I work predominately in the live music field, but have been getting more into sound design and video game work. After hearing about piano book for years, I figured it might be time to actually give it a look.

    It’s pretty cool, not gonna lie.

    My goal is to create a few trumpet samples for y’all, and maybe sample the children’s choir where I work. Fingers crossed!

    Alfie Harding


    If anyone can help me with loading instruments into the EXS24 that would be much appreciated. I’ve been trying to get it to work for months and still haven’t managed to.

    As far as I have seen there’s no information on this website about how to load instruments into the new EXS24 that came with the fairly recent logic update. Please may someone help/add this information to the website for other people struggling like me?


    David Mohammed

    Hi Everybody, my names David, glad to be apart of this community, I am using Reason 11 as my main DAW, and am using ‘Desent Sampler’ to create my instrumentals, I would like to see more of the Kontakt Pianos and Synths for Desent Sampler I use Kontakt player, but don’t have those nice Steinway Grand Pianos for the player version, that’s why I came on here hoping to get a desent ‘no pon intended’ proper, usable, Steinway like Piano to add to my productions, you can only get those for the full Kontakt versions and those can be pretty expensive, so is the full version of Kontakt 6, so that’s why am using the Desent Sampler.

    Matt Rayner

    Greetings from Finland. This is quite a project!
    Congratulations and my best regards to all involved.

    Yoni Kessler

    Hi everyone~

    My name is Yoni, I’m a composer and recording engineer based in Las Vegas, NV.
    I’ve been involved with music for the better part of the last 11 or so years, starting off in my middle school band and going the ranks of music academia where I’m now currently in school for composition and production. I’m a classically trained saxophonist turned audio professional.

    Although not much of a player anymore I do quite a bit of work as a freelance recording and mixing engineer, along with some sound design and foley work on the side and have mostly been composing for myself as you all know how hard it can be to get gigs as a composer.

    I discovered Christian’s YouTube channel through the Spitfire Audio channel when I was first getting interested in scoring to picture and I’ve done a fair bit of sampling for myself but now I think it’s time to start making stuff for the community. I’m excited to be here, thanks so much for having me!


    Hi there

    My name is Arnþór Snær. I’m getting back into music after a while and could not be happier about the whole journey. I’ve recently purchased a S88 from Native Instruments and am enjoying playing and feel my fingers getting more familiar everyday (called “noobie gains” in fitness circles). Playbook is amazing. I’m currently checking out the libraries and appreciating the love and effort put into this by the community and Christian. Perhaps / hopefully I will be able to contribute to this project in the future.

    Dave Lanciani

    Greetings All,
    My name is Dave Lanciani, but my music is recorded under the project name, Dimaension X. My music tastes are extremely schizophrenic (extreme metal to jazz to ambient to drone doom, etc.). I just started using Decent Sampler and a bunch of Pinaobook instruments to create some new music, and hope to do more soon. Thanks to Christian H., David H., and Frederic P., for all their hard work and inspiration.

    Most of my music is streaming on YouTube:

    Dave L

    Marc Burns

    hi Im Marc. I was creating music about 20 years ago just as it became possible to do everything in the box. After a long time, lockdown has got me back on the horse. Just as a hobby and creative outlet. My work could be described as ambient country. Some niche genre like that. Bootgaze!

    Have a listen if you have a minute:


    Rob Berkhout

    My name is Rob Berkhout alias Robarth from the Netherlands.
    Im a 64 year old guy who is trying to make music just as a hobby.
    Learning and trying all by ear, no musical training what so ever.
    Love this communnity and hope to use and contribute to this community.

    Pedro Fonseca

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Pedro Breculê and I’m very happy to join the community!
    I’m from Brazil, play the 7 string guitar, singer/songwriter, graduated from Berklee and I’m about to release my first solo album!
    Can’t believe how many amazing sounds are around here! Thank you so much!
    I’ve never done any sampling of my own but this is probably about to change soon enough!
    Anyways, it’s amazing to be a part of this beautiful community and I’m looking forward to connecting with you all!

    fabio barbon

    Hello! I am Fabio Barbon from Italy, senior computer scientist with an endless love for music and a classical training in pianoforte and composition.

    I’ve written for radio and television in the past but never published anything on the internet. Still figuring out whether streaming is good or not for music (right now I am somewhat inclined to believe that too much abundance might be worse than scarsity when it comes to music listening, expecially for composers, but I am more than happy to discuss this subject)

    In the meantime I write and record a lot, exploring musical forms and trying to bring together classical compositional techniques, electronic devices (such as modulars synthesizers) and computer music tools (such as csound, puredata and direct C++ coding).

    I’ve written some patch sharing websites for popular synthesizers such as Novation Circuit (https://circulate.neuma.studio), Behringer Deepmind (https://deepremind.neuma.studio) and Waldorf Blofeld (https://blofilled.neuma.studio).

    Kind regards,

    Thai Le

    Hey everybody!

    My name is Thai. I am 28 years old and have been making music since high school! Recently i’ve gotten a few gigs working on projects for other people and now am trying to turn this full time. I love electronic things and orchestral things. Any blend between works for me. Thank you to everyone who has put out samplers. I plan to make one karmically in return! If anyone would like to collaborate or has interesting avenues or directions they would like to point me to, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear your point of views 🙂

    My website is http://www.violetfeel.com. Anyone can contact me on here or on there! Hope to hear from you guys!

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