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    Hello PianoiBook

    I’m Jean Baptiste Loussier. French pianist and composer.
    I’m composing for the image and currently working on an upcoming record…

    Thank you for this great site filled with passionate people!

    All the best
    Jean Baptiste Loussier

    Richard Shore

    Hello everyone, my name is Richard under the producer name ‘Jupiter Odyssey’.
    I have been a nightclub DJ since 2002 and began producing my own remixes and tracks in 2009. The progression in my passion to find emotion in music has grown in recent years and this year finally decided to dip my toes in the cinematic genre with the help of many Spitfire Audio VSTs. I found Pianobook through Christian’s Vlogs on YouTube and was massively inspired by the amazing scores that one person could produce through a computer and keyboard.


    Good Evening (or what time it is for you),

    my name is Hartmut Paul, based in the middle of Germany.
    I´m a mechanical engineer, and a music hobbieist, but with much dedication and some expertise in recording. It all started with doing some scoring in MicroLogic, and got some elevation after winning a recording give-away from KEYs in 1998 (19″ PC, 80GB HDD, etc, Gadget Labs 8/8 I/O AudioCard (anyone who remembers them…?). I´ve produced several choir projects since then, writing arrangements, and often doing overdubs/virtual additions for those.
    Since the early days I´m a big fan of Christian´s Vlogs, but only now (after contributing to Winter Voices 🙂 ) I started downloading my first “Pianobook´s”

    James Josselyn

    So on Monday I found out about this wonderful place…and finished downloading some really beautiful sounds yesterday. Just wanted to thank all of the super talented producers for these sounds…I look forward to making some interesting and weird music with them!

    Pete Kowalsky

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    I’m a hobbyist musician from Virginia in the USA and came across your site recently. Amazing stuff on here! Thanks to all of you who have shared your samples / instruments with us – they are super-creative and very inspiring. Maybe one day I will be as cool as you all and make something of my own worthy of sharing here… 🙂

    I starting playing cheap Casio keyboards when I was a kid in the 70’s/80’s as they really started to hit the market. Inspirations for me are everything from Pink Floyd / W. Carlos / Isao Tomita (RIP) / Vangelis / to modern classical from the likes of Max Richter / Jóhann Jóhannsson (RIP) / Nils Frahm / Ólafur Arnalds, to jazz/prog/metal/ambient/edm and lots in between. Musically my real love has fallen into the dreaded “New Age” category LOL, but now I think it would be classified as psybient/chillout. Anyway, I bought a brand new Yamaha DX7 in early 1986 (still have it of course) and a couple more instruments followed, and it was all-consuming for a long time from then. Until real life happened…you know, school, girlfriend, work, marriage, 6 kids…LIFE!

    Fast forward a few decades or so to 2015 (still married until my wife finds out how much I’ve spent on software since Black Friday hahah), and I’m picking up some pieces of kit here and there, and putting together a modest setup. I find all your stories and creations super inspiring, and as I learn to play again, I hope to incorporate some of them into my routine.

    Thanks again for the freebies – they are most excellent.


    PS – Mod – please delete post 900103 above – I tried to edit it and I could not…sorry for the double-post!

    Tim Bos

    Hallo everyone,

    My name is Tim and I am from the Netherlands, now living in Prague.
    I am a ‘hobby’ artist. Did some sound for media.
    Enjoy singing songs on the street,
    I found some amazing sounds on pianobook and hope to contribute some myself.

    I write songs on the guitar, produce tracks, soundscapes, breaks, modular, rock, cinematic, electro.

    Tim .Ocean



    Hey @sK3LeTvM

    Luca Spina

    Hi, I am a music teacher, violinist, piano player and composer.
    I am looking for sound libraries for my students to use in their musicianship development
    and I have been following Christian and his Spitfire Audio samples for a couple of years.
    I am happy to join this community and to learn from your experience,
    so to grow as a better teacher as well!

    Happy new year to all of you, we hope a better year!

    Guigz Art

    Hello Everyone,

    Love the pianobook idea !

    I am London-based composer whose main instrument is guitar so when it comes to pianos, I tend to (mis) use them in different ways…

    Exited to share my first instrument for the community, which is not yet live on the site but available here:

    Looking fwrd to being in touch with all of you

    All the best in these difficult times … but let’s keep positive !


    Enrique Londaits

    Hi y’all, my name is Enrique, I am from Argentina.
    I worked as a composer, arranger, record producer until 2002, when I branched out
    into DVD authoring and then cinema/video post-production. Now while in pandemic,
    I found myself with free time in my hands and decided to get a new setup and start
    making music again, oriented to film and advertising.So I’m making this demos which
    I’m sending to my clients (mainly cinematographic producers and directors)
    Best wishes for 2021, hoping it won’t be 2020 S02!

    Gavin Peters

    Hello all!

    I’m Gavin from Australia. An IT/programming guy by trade and long time music lover (grew up raving, interests spread from there).
    Have been playing with music for ~15 years, but over the past ~2 years I’ve started taking this music thing more seriously. Hoping to eventually having music / synths / sounds be my entire income.

    My particular interests are:
    – Sound design (synth based)
    – Music theory (harmonics/generative/mathematics in general)
    – Unique electronic live performance/interfaces.
    – Hardware groovebox/synth – hoarding/GASing/swapping.

    Found this page via Christian Henson’s YouTube channel and he seems like a person with interesting perspective on music, so hoping to find more here.

    Paul Williamson

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Paul and I’m from Newcastle, England. I am a guitarist/composer currently studying music production at university.

    I look forward to being a part of this amazing community and hopefully in the future I can share some of my creations with you all 🙂

    Neil Speers

    Hi there – I’m Neil from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and now that I have Kontact (full version that was on sale over the holidays) I’m so glad I found pianobook, what an amazing resource so congratulations to everyone who’s helped make this place so special.

    I’m primarily a blues/jazz guitarist but have been learning to compose with virtual instruments and push my own boundaries. I perform as Hardwire Speers and have released 9 singles and an ep of classic Christmas tunes since the beginning of November – including one on my Bandcamp account today.

    Once I get a better hang of using virtual instruments I’d like to do some samples for here because it’s been so inspiring to see the cool projects that have been done.

    All the best to you,


    Hi everyone,
    Erick here, in France.
    Have just discovered the new “Sampler” aka Dave, and I’ve been waiting for this for decades.
    I have quite a few instruments I’d like to share here, including 2 pianos, although the samples were recorded a long time ago when Hard disks were much smaller and as a result, they’re only mono.
    Anyway, I just need to find out how to save my exs files in relative path, so feel free to point me to a short explanation if there’s one around here somewhere.
    Looking forward to hours of fun with Pianobook, and a massive thank you to Christian Henson!


    Brian Behm

    Hi Everyone, my name is Brian Behm and I guess I’m primarily a motion designer. That’s actually how I got back into music. I played all through high school but kind of put it away. I was working on a channel rebrand and ended up plugging a guitar into garageband to get a sound for something I needed. I didn’t stop.

    I’ve been lurking here for several months taking advantage of all of the wonderful sounds. Thank you, so much. I record and put out other art under the name No_System. Here’s a track I put out last week.

    Anyway, looking forward to being around more.

    Jonathan Ammons


    New to the piano book community. Endless thanks to the time and effort that you all have thrown into these instruments! What an incredible resource!

    I’m a journalist and radio producer living in Asheville, North Carolina in the US. I used to make music for a living before falling into a career in journalism and culinary writing and development. But when I was given a radio show to produce, I started composing again and ended up making music and rebuilding my old studio.

    I’ve always believed that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to produce quality, professional music. I ditched ProTools a few years ago for Logic — vowing never to use subscription model software. Built most of the software side of my studio with freeware soft synths and samplers, occasionally splurging on a Black Friday here and there for something necessary. So this kind of community is exactly what I’m looking for!

    If you’d like to hear the kind of stuff I make, I released a new album in January; songs drawn from 8 years as a reporter writing about poverty and hunger in my pocket of the US, and the people struggling to survive in cut-throat modern America. You can hear it here:

    Just wanted to say hello and give a big THANK YOU to all of the contributors who have helped to build this incredible database of quality instruments!

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 157 total)
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