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    Hey Guys!

    I’m a music composer/sound-designer based in France, glad to be here!
    I write music and produce in a wide range of styles. I can deliver soft acoustic guitar tracks to hard hitting hip-hop beats. As a sound producer, i like to craft and produce all my percussions and samples, so it does not sound like everyone else.

    I’ve been wanting to make some kontakt libraries for a while now, so this might be a great occasion to finally do it (when my kids go back to school lol)





    Long time listener, first time caller.
    Self taught synth nerd-come-electronic music maker-come-classical music lover living in Manchester, UK.

    From North Wales and used to work in Live Sound – @EdTruckwell you may well have passed through my old stomping ground, Central Station.



    I’m Chris – living near Cambridge, UK.

    Been a bedroom guitar player until recently, as I was always too introvert to play in public. Not long ago I joined a small choir (roughly 10 people) and have performed with them a few times – unfortunately lockdown cancelled all our future gigs. Singing four-part harmony is amazing training for the ears though, and thankfully we do interesting and varied repertoire (love me some imitative polyphony).

    Always been interested in theory and music analysis, but only began getting to grips with music production as a hobby about a year ago. Spent/’invested’ a shameful amount of money so far, but hope one day to make something back!


    Hi, I’m Francesco, a Composer actually based in Italy.

    I’m a really satisfied Spitfire customer and a Fan of Christian and Paul both as composers and as entrepeneurs so I’ve know Pianobook from the beginning but I didn’t give it much attention until recently (MY FAULT!).

    I’ve had a lot of personal matters recently and this whole COVID-19 Situation only made it worse. I took partial shelter in writing a lot more music than the usual and I was seeking for good samples to expand my sounds range but finally had the time to actually stop and delve deeper into Pianobook.

    It was invigorating realizing that this isn’t just another samples sharing website but a community of good people willing to share kindness (because any library here, created through hard work and given for free, it’s an incredible act of kindness), their stories and the stories of their instruments.
    It was a really good way to realize that there are still lots of good people in this world.

    Thank you!

    P.s.: Give me a bit of time to finish all my tracks and I’ll do my part in demoeing many libraries hoping that much more people will join this wonderful community.


    Hi everyone, my name’s Angelo. I was a a guitar and bass player for two different bands back in college. Stopped playing for years (except for tabbing some songs here and there) and recently got back to music. This time I’m into composing orchestral music. Found out about Spitfire Audio, Christian’s vlog, up to me landing here.


    Hi everyone! I’m Giovanni Renzo, italian pianist and composer, I compose music for films, theater, ballet, opera, multimedia performances, and I published seven albums of original music.
    I’m the lucky owner of a Steinway A but also of an old upright that I wish to sample in his felt version. I’m waiting to understood something about the new Logic sampler and in the meantime I’ll test some of your beautiful pianos!


    Hello Pianobook folk,
    Ive been using Pianobook for a while after watching one of Christians YouTube things, I didn’t realise what a wonderful, vibrant community you had going on here!
    I began my career primarily in the creative arts/graphics and became entwined in the seedy world of the music business, co owning a recording studio and rehearsal rooms in the middle of the Black Country in the early to late 90’s
    Many bands, many managers, few releases with a dabble of ‘success’ and I find myself no longer in the industry that I had once loved dearly.
    I still compose and write material, I would like to collaborate more with like minded folk – soundscapes. ambient, folk, electronica…..lovely music (that’s not to say that it can’t be distorted to be wonderfully beautiful…you know what I mean)
    Anyway, thank you, for a splendid thing, a wondrous monster where creativity is its teeth!
    Peace, light and Love,


    Hi All,

    I’m a Lecturer and Course Leader at dBs Music down in the SW, UK. I’ve been involved in various projects over the years from building recording studios (from the ground up) to running various record labels, playing in bands, recording, production.

    I’m also a massive audio geek … I think I’m in good company here 🙂

    I collect vintage FX pedals and microphones but my favourite topic is the circuit topology of vintage gain reduction units such as the LA-2A, 33609, 1176, 176, 660/670, etc. However, I’m equally interested in digital modelling and programming My own practice is precariously balanced somewhere between the analogue and digital.

    I’ve just started to get into scripting in Kontakt and discovered pianobook through Spitfire and Christian’s YouTube channel.

    It’s great to meet you all and there’s some fantastic instruments out there, I’m really enjoying playing them … loved the Vax RX7, totally unexpected sound.


    p.s. If anyone needs samples running through RX for noise reduction, I can help.

    darko kutchutozov

    my real name isn’t kutchutozov obviously but it’s been a silly ‘handle’ that stuck for a while now so i’m using it for some odd music projects. Its been a long road but I found you all finally! I was making jungle since i could afford an E-MU esi 4k in about 1998 (the filter options blew akai away at the time imho), and since then it’s been rocky lol. A bit of garage and grime but mostly hip-hop and dubstep (before it got cool for 5 seconds lol). Anyway always saw myself as a trapped or struggling composer and tried to start the journey nearly 10 tears ago now, but I only really did one 10 min short (“MUTE” based on the eponymous Stephen King short) and pitched for a few adds via / thru a friend at Black Butter Records. Since that had kids and changed focus completely for a while ,,, until I realised / remembered that this is all i actually care about. Music and sound I mean.

    The Spitfire Audio and Westworld competition was LITERALLY a life changer for me. Been back into music composition / production / mixing and mastering (for others) for a while now but with no real personal purpose or focus. Having (re)discovered the spitfire LABS, and consequently the westworld chase scene, I am absolutely sure what I will be doing till I drop eventually. Making interesting noises with whatever noises I can find or make (for and with whomever is interested). Tested some preamps for a mate a few months back and have gotten obsessed with building a library of unique sounds now (almost more than using them). So I found this place after #westworld was closed or it would have featured you guys work for sure. I just love the whole premise and community based approach.

    So just want to say a MASSIVE thank you eternally to christian for the vision and the rest of you for the rest …. Not sure ho much I can contribute with actual Instruments but if anyone wants to hear my creations using their hard work I’d be humbled by the feedback!

    Kolbi 😉 xxx

    Eric Hausmann

    I’m from the U.S. Pacific Northwest region. I’ve been lurking Pianobook for several months, but this past weekend, I made my first (crude) Kontakt instruments. I’ve collected unique instruments, metal plates, resonant wooden things, unusual thrift store finds for years, and I think it’s time to start sharing (and digitally preserving) them.
    I’m so impressed with most of the submission here, and I’m looking forward to contributing some new sounds. I have a long history with the guitar, and also play horns (trumpet, French, baritone) as well as drums.
    cheers, -Eric


    Espen from Norway here. Long time lurker, thought I’d join and contribute a little bit. I’ve been a musician all my life, mostly on stage, but the studio is really where I’m at home, I love the creative process. I come from a prog metal background as a keyboard player, and I’ve transitioned into electronic music where anything goes. A sort of metal/synthwave/orchestral landscape, where the glossy reverby sounds of the 80’s combine with more gritty dystopian electronic drum ‘n’ bass sounds, metal drums, modular synths and whatever I can think of. These are my personal musical journeys. I do so many different things. A big part of it is sound design, I’ve always enjoyed making my own sounds, I always felt a little lazy when someone told me “I know that preset”.
    Well, now I use the same Serum presets as all the cool kids, but they tend to take a trip out of the computer, through some weird gear and resampled multiple ways. I have huge folders of my personal sounds. A personal favourite is all sorts of junk around the house, often recorded with contact mics.

    Thought I’d start with something that leans a little towards the orchestral sound, which is my own guitar and bass orchestra. I haven’t found any sample libraries with that kind of stuff. Maybe others will find a use for it too.


    Hi All,

    I’m a non-professional musician from Seattle, WA who loves the process of recording, vintage gear, and the studio process. Having involvement in purpose-built pcs for GigaSampler 20+ years ago, I became familiar with Spitfire as it emerged. I learned of pianobook a few months ago after following Spitfire/Christian on YouTube for years.

    I’ve used Cubase since mid-90’s and hope to tackle Halion 6 in a whole new way, by building sample based instruments. I took my first stab at the wine glass exercise this weekend, but have a long way to go.

    I’m very much looking forward to learning, contributing and generally being part of of the pb community!




    Kia Ora

    Im sean – ex pom living in Auckland NZ

    I have been making music since i was 7 (im now 52 but still crap at it!) and have been messing with synths since 81. No formal training at all….English comprehensive education at the same School as Depeche Mode members Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher.

    I have a long and varied “career”, altho making music is not my full time gig these days…biggest claim to fame is i toured as a tech with the prodigy for about 3 years back in the day and helped Liam set up his first studio…

    for the last 20 odd years i have worked closely with Lisa Reihana, a very well known and respected Maori visual artist, as composer, sound designer, mixer etc….had lots of shows all over the world and i was fortunate enough to work at Park Road Post with Oscar Winning sound-mixer Mike Hedges (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) on Lisa’s seminal work, “In Pursuit Of Venus”. I have been fortunate enough to have works played all over the world!

    Im addicted to plug ins, im addicted to synths (i have 13 real ones a squillion soft ones!).

    Looking forward to getting my teeth in to the offerings here and i hope to contribute some silly sounds as well!

    Thanks Christian for setting all this up, LEGEND!!


    Howdy folks!
    Just a quick hello to introduce myself and to say
    to the people who have created the libraries which are so generously on offer here.
    I’ve taken advantage of it to the point where it’ll be a while before I can fully explore the treasures I’ve acquired here.

    My name’s Ken, and I’m a percussionist in an ensemble here in Montreal (Ratchet Orchestra) and am new to using midi technology, having mostly just used whatever sounded good to hit in a given context, and building up a batterie of acoustic instruments (Small Glockenspiel, small Marimba (2 1/2 octaves) Orchestral Xylophone, and finally Vibraphone. (plus lots of little things).

    I’m just getting started now in 2020 with sample libraries and am stunned by what’s available, both for big bucks and also for absolutely free.

    Not sure where all this will lead, but I’m glad I stopped in here today, and I’ll be back to see what people are discussing.

    Cheers and thanks again.

    Ken Doolittle


    Hi all, My name is sK3LeTvM and that is my ‘artist’ name.

    I started playing music as a 6 year old kid. Mainly guitar. At the age of 13, my dad bought me my first synthesizer, a Roland SH1000. I was so happy ! That was back in 1977. In the early 80’s, I got lessons by professional musicians (drums, bass, guitar) and studio-techs / producers and I have been buying many synths and samplers since then…my first sampler was an Emulator 2+

    In the early 90’s I signed a contract with EMI, but due to circumstances (I also started working as a live audio technician) I needed to make decisions and so I only make music for fun since then. Curious ? Check my SC page :

    Hope to find a great resource on this forum. Not only for sounds, but also people, knowledge and fun.
    Kind regards

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