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    Hello everyone,

    I’m a pianist and composer living in south east London. Thanks to Christian Henson and all of you on Pianobook, I delved into the world of sampling around springtime last year, and now have a growing library of instruments, mostly soft and delicate environmental sounds with a minimum of processing.

    Here’s a piece for my Rain Catcher, Woodland Gate and Jon Meyer’s beautiful Steinway Grand.

    I welcome your thoughts and feedback. I’ve submitted my two instruments, which will, I hope, appear soon.

    Alexander Edward


    Hi Friends!
    my name is Paky. I’m a composer and sound design from Italy.
    will be a great thing to be a part of this community,looking for shares ideas about sampling and sound design. Like many of You we are under the covid lockdown and I try to spend this time to study and making something interesting.
    big hug from Italy to all of You

    If you want to check my music follow this link:
    go in and follow the quick listen link

    I will appreciate any comments

    will try to make some libraries to share!

    PS: I’m sorry for my rusty english! 🙂



    Mike, based in Hull. Appeared on a couple of game soundtracks (it’s not what you know…), lean ambient in the stuff I make for myself, founded the Squarewaves improvisational collective a few years ago, gave contemporary folk music a platform on national TV for a year, now trying to find time to learn new skills and software – if I can conjure something I’d feel confident putting on here I’ll consider it big progress!

    The Kontakt template CH mentioned in his latest video has inspired me to register, having answered the ‘where would I begin’ question.


    Hi Everyone,

    i am Karsten from South Germany. I am an electronic musician since the early 90s with the Atari ST and Cubase II with a huge love for a good score or a dancefloor banger. I love to write in Ableton if i am making electronic music and i love to switch between Logic and Cubase for all the other music i make.

    I met Christian at Musikmesse a couple of years ago and he was the reason why i’ve been choosing Spitfire over EastWest or other libraries. Since then i stick to my favorite Kontakt Brand.

    I was thinking a lot about creating own sample libraries and so here i am.
    Let’s see what i can come up with in a future not so far away.



    Hi, I’m a FOH and recording engineer since the early naughties based in Cardiff, Wales. Also a long time frustrated pianist and occasional samplist/dabbler in the tracker scene since the 90s.

    Hoping to do some more serious sampling of the knackered and broken and share it with everyone in this wonderful community.

    Also going to try and get a headstart on this composition thing before the mid-life crisis really kicks in.

    Best wishes,


    Tyler Trevell

    Hey, I’m Tyler!

    I’m brand new to the world of creating music, and have already put some of the Spitfire Audio and Pianobook resources to good use! 🙂

    Looking forward to getting involved with the community!


    Hey everyone! I’m Ryan from Los Angeles. I am psyched to engage with this community! All of my favorite composers and producers sample a lot of their own sounds, even in pop/indie music (ie. Glass Animals, The 1975, etc.)

    I worked in a recording studio for about 3 years after college; first as a runner, then as studio manager and assistant engineer. We made some records with some of my favorite legacy artists and I had the privilege of using the studio after hours, with the Trident A Range console and all of the mics and outboard gear one could want…

    In the 7 years or so since I have worked as an orchestrator/copyist on a Live TV singing competition show and I have played around town and toured as a utility player/M.D. with several pop artists. Pretty much the LA cliche.

    I’m excited to really dive into this craft of sampling, in the broader context of indulging in my love for more organic, textured music. Excited to meet you all!

    Eddie Breeg

    Hello there !
    My name is Eddie (or is it?), and I come from France. I unfortunately don’t music for a living, even if I’d love to, I’m actually still a student, and hopefully I’ll become a game developper. That being said, I really love making music, I’ve been playing the guitar for about 11 years, and producing music is something I started to do “serioussly” like two years ago (mostly darkwave, even if I also make metal and some orchestral stuff as well).
    I guess I just have to wait and… see how it goes !
    I unfortunately don’t have kontakt but I’m using this free format called SFZ, and I hope to contribute to the best of my abilities, to this wonderful project that is Pianobook.

    I wish everyone the best, and I look forward to becoming an actual active member of this community !


    Kalen Smith

    Hey everyone! I’ve been contributing to and following Pianobook for quite a while, and finally decided to branch out more into the community.
    I’m a game composer and harpist from Canada.
    Christian and Spitfire have really jump started a passion for me for sampling instruments.

    I don’t currently have any material up on my Youtube channel, but some interesting videos will be going up soon. ;]



    Hi everyone!

    My name is Mike from London. Not a professional musician, but love making music as a way to unwind and relax. Mainly I am a guitarist, but recently have been getting interested in synths and electronic music – and have been thinking about getting into Sampling and reduce my dependency on commercial sample libraries.

    Looking forward to getting involved, this is such a great community!

    Andrew Pye

    Hi everyone. My name is Andrew. I record along with three friends under the banner Roll Tape. We have publishing deals for two albums we have recorded so far with some good success for placements in the last couple of years.

    Found this site through Christians YouTube channel and I think I’ve downloaded about half of the many great instruments people have put up.

    Just wanted to say hi to all. I think this place is so inspirational. I’ve learned a great deal from this community and have recently started dipping my toe into creating my own instruments on kontakt (which I will be submitting). Stay safe everyone. Have a good weekend.



    Hi, Lorenzo from Italy here.
    Just jumped in this great forum. After years working in the audio production, I switched to multimedia systems engineering for cruise ships and mega yachts. Then due to the unkindness of this life I had to switch again, making my hobby which was photography to became my main job. After many years I started again to play in a band though and this made me love the music production again. So I started to build my own recording studio which will be ready in a month or so, thanks quarantine! I’m mostly a piano and synth player but I love way too much sound design. This is just my brand new starting point in the music probably!


    Hi 🙂

    My name is andy and I have come here to steel all your amazing sampled instruments.

    thank you


    Hi to all pianobook members!

    I’m basically drummer, but as I also want to be considered as a musician :D, i do more things. I work as live sound enginner, i’m composer (or i try it), play a little other instruments, other little of sound design… a little of all, and all mid bad, i supose. 🙂

    This comunnity is magical, for that i stay here. It motivates me to make music, and I love that libraries of this quality are shared altruistically, this is very great.

    I hope to contribute some samples in the future, I feel that I owe it to the community. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy your virtual company.

    A hug to everyone from Asturias, Spain.


    Hi folks,

    I’m based out of rochester, NY and i have deeply identified with christians videos, particularly the fact that i am surrounded by cluster b personality disorder in my life and it is very hard sometimes. But I have been looking for a sense of meaning in music to follow, and as a synthesist (mainly dangerous collector of eurorack and massively frustrated with the fact that these instruments can make IMMENSELY POWERFUL SOUNDS, and most of the time users just ignore these things and make their final products supremely pale and neutral and flat. I have been at it for a decade and a half, starting as a trumpet player at the eastman school of music, and then found synthesis and electrical engineering and i believe i have a unique perspective i hope i can share with you based on my life. i have just taken receipt of an rme fireface ufx+ which i know is overkill but i could afford it at this point in my life, and LOVE IT. also i have a doepfer lmk4+ on the way to complete the rig, and as i know i’m going to be paying a credit card of for a bit, it was well worth it.

    genre wise, i’ve been into a lot, i was in jazz and classical for trumpet, loved punk, played ska (regrettably, but that was an incredibly cathartic and fun time in my teen years) and now electronic music of the likes of amon tobin and noisia, but i’ve ALWAYS aspired to the idea of timbre being variable, and to finally bring my classical instrument playing and electronic playing together with my technological knowledge.

    My current plans are to make some libraries, obvioulsy going to make some synth libraries of which i’m immensely excited, but more uniquely, i discovered something incredible here in upstate from a friend of mine with a Mennonite connection! If anybody hasnt heard of shapenote singing, look up the sacred harp performances and prepare to shit, because it is a very unique and beautiful experience inbetween a chant and a choir, where people read from a book of traditional hymns (while shapenote is mostly a secular activity) and on the sheet, the bodies of the notes are shapes, if you google it youll find a picture, but these shapes resemble certain phonemes that people sing based on what note in the choir, and i’m obsessed. i’m looking to find a choir in my area willing to record, but if not, i am also planning a trip to the uk, because i’ve considered living there for years and would love to finally visit, and maybe record the sacred harp myself in ireland!

    Here is my favorite: Idumea, the “chopping” they are doing is a form of self-conducting and 2 people volunteer from the choir to lead.

    47b Idumea – Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, 2012

    Looking forward to speaking!
    Thanks christian for this AMAZING community and resource!

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