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    Justin Carmony

    Hey everyone,

    Justin Carmony here. I’m based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am a Director of Software Engineering for large media websites.

    Back in November, I busted out my old Ensoniq MR-76 I got when I was 13 years old, and started writing music again. I’ve learned so much over these last 5 months, and Pianobook was a wonderful discovery, especially since I am a hobbyist really and just write music for fun and share with friends.

    I publish under the name Aldus, my music is here: https://soundcloud.com/aldus-music

    I have a goal to write and release a song every two weeks, and boy has it been kicking my butt and learning a ton.

    Anyway, I should be getting my hands on a pair of condenser mics soon and have a baby grand and an old family organ (the kind with a player and another person pumping the darn thing) that I’m excited to try and sample.

    Patrick O Connor

    Hi Folks!

    I’ve been a big fan of all things pianobook the last few months and am finally getting around to downloading a heap of instruments and attempting to make a whole host of demos.

    I’m s media composer based in Ireland and I’ve had the joy of working in the medium for a few years now (https://soundcloud.com/patrick-oconnor if anybody is interested!). With all of the Covid-19 happenings I’ve been stranded away from my recording room but I still have all my software and studio comp so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to write a bunch of demos. I’ve occasionally lectured on media composition and wanted to try and create a playlist of material using entirely free samples to illustrate how far the art of sampling has come and how much can be accomplished with the wealth of incredible free material out there.

    If anybody has anything that’s yet to see a demo please let me know as I’ve been trying to make a list of the instruments I’d like to highlight etc.

    Hope everyone is keeping well amidst the general strangeness,


    Richard Ferrando

    Greetings! I’m Rich (in name only), currently dwelling in scenic San Diego, California.

    I do a bit of everything media-related. My primary career is as an animator in the video game industry, but I also write, shoot, edit, and score my own films.

    I’ve dabbled in music composition, more off than on, for about 20 years, but decided to start taking it more seriously when I reached that constant existential crisis called “Your 40s.”

    The current project occupying my free time is a travel vlog hosted by a hand puppet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshW2_aT6-7BVnMarG_3CsQ

    I also have a personal YouTube channel where I post piano rolls of the music I’m working on along with other random stuff I do: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNv9B7R-bmbAaiVBNZbuW7g

    The plan is to sample some cool things for the Pianobook community as soon as I figure out how to stop worrying about the future.

    Nice to meet you all!

    Richard Ferrando

    OK, trying this one more time.

    Hi, everybody! I’m Rich (in name only) and currently dwell in San Diego, California.

    I do a bit of everything media-wise. I’m employed as an Animator in the video game industry, but I also write, direct, edit, and score my own films. I’ve dabbled in music composition for about 20 years, but started taking it seriously last year when I turned 40.

    The project eating most of my free time is my travel vlog, which is hosted by a hand puppet. I’m basically using it as a means of exploring all the facets of filmmaking that I want to get better at, especially scoring. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshW2_aT6-7BVnMarG_3CsQ

    Nice to meet you all!

    Emil G.

    Hello new forum world! Emil G. here, Canada’s foremost unknown composer 🙂


    I am primarily a piano player, but also a closet cellist, part-time string player (harp, root, ukulele, violin, bass and others). I am a player of many, master of none.

    My first love was recording, way back when all we had was tape. No such thing as a DAW, just a desk. No surprise I was into early experimental electronic music and am happy I could add a few analogue synths to the mix, Moog and Dave Smith (before Dave got Sequential back). Would have liked to play a Buchla, but never had the chance. Maybe someday.

    I am nontraditional and believe music should be listen to from beginning to end as the composer intended. I enjoy and add to my vinyl record collection, listening daily, if I can.

    I have recently got back into quadraphonic production. This was a big thing in the late 60s and early 70s. It is really making a comeback.The tech has gotten so much better now and is compatible with most modern surround playback systems. I love being able to extract surround information from stereo masters. BYW, Music By 300 Strangers sounds amazing in Quadraphonic.

    Enough of an introduction. I look forward to reading all of yours. And contributing more samples and demos to this project.

    Thanks for the oppertunity.

    – Emil

    Paul M

    Hello everybody! I’m Paul. I’m a former resident of Edinburgh although I’ve only moved 30 miles away. I work as a Software UI Developer during the day and try to squeeze in songwriting when I can. I’ve been collaborating with a few lyricists over the last few years and have self-funded my recordings with the aim to see if I can attract any publishing interest. One of the highlights was recording a string quartet in the main studio space at Chem 19 near Glasgow. It is always a special feeling hearing other musicians bring your music to life. I’ve previously hired recording studios and producers for all my recordings but I’m starting to learn the basics of music production at the moment so that I can do a lot more of it at home. I started learning piano when I was 16. Fortunately my parents believed me when I told them I wanted to learn and went out their way to buy a piano for the house and got me piano lessons. Pianobook is such a great idea! I had never considered it before but I’m determined to sample the piano that my parents bought for me all those years ago now.

    Kind Regards,


    Hello! My name is Jared and I’m from Canada. I’m happy to meet everyone! Musically I played trumpet as a kid and have played guitar (mainly classic rock) for the last 20 years. 2.5 years ago I discovered a Twitch streamer from Australia named Jonathan Ong. He is an amazing pianist and multi-instrumentalist. He has tons of keyboards and uses a variety on libraries as well. Well I saw him play a ROLI Seaboard and I thought, “Hey, that vibrato and sliding is like playing a guitar and I have a couple lap steels – how hard can it be?” So I ordered Seaboard Rise 49 and realized when I got it that it was more piano-like than I thought, and I didn’t know how to play piano. That was where I fell down the rabbit hole of learning piano, theory, synths, and libraries. So I bought my first VST library 2 years ago (Hans Zimmer Strings) and have collected many, many other libraries and synths since then as I’ve learned to compose. I’d say my musical style right now is more ambient synth stuff. Then a year ago I was watching Christian’s videos and saw him sampling a wine glass. Well I realized I could do that too, and started recording everything and putting the sounds into Kontakt and now into other granular synths! I even took an audio recorder with me on vacation to the US and New Zealand and recorded random interesting sounds. It seems like homemade sample libraries are more satisfying to compose with. That’s why I love what pianobook is all about! So that’s where I’m at in my reintensified musical journey the past couple years. I’m looking foward to sample more, create crazy virtual instruments, and improve my composing skills. Cheers!


    Afternoon everyone,

    My name is Luke Crichton.

    I’m a 21-year-old Film Production Graduate who realised that in his second year of uni that he wanted to be in post-production: designing sound and creating music, rather than being on set.

    I wrote for every film I could be attached to and in my third year (2019), I discovered the LABS range, Spitfire and then Christian’s channel.

    Now I write music freelance, though, at the moment, things are naturally more shaken up than usual.

    In the meantime, however, I’m creating an ambient album for people to listen to during this “self-isolation” period. It should be out in late April 2020.

    Samples should soon follow after.

    My entry for pianoday2020 can be seen on my website below:

    Happy to be a member of the pianobook family!

    Kind Regards,



    Hello everybody, I’m Tiki Horea, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as post-production guy. I keep flirting with writing cinematic-y music, but nothing serious yet.

    Ummm…that’s about it.


    Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop a couple of cents into this wonderful pot of amazing.

    I’m finishing up my composition degree…trying to navigate doing so through these extraordinary times is proving a challenge. But patience will pay off. I have been bopping around here now and again for the past 4 months or so, brought in by Christian’s infectious enthusiasm and kept by some of the possibilities that I can taste on the winds of the horizon.

    I am proud to say that I was one of the 300 strangers with just a simple contribution that is in there, somewhere.

    This should be a fun journey…though as of now I am not quite in a spot to add any libraries, but I do hope to try my hand at a demo or two.

    Here’s to that wonderful passion for music that helps us all get up in the morning.



    Hi there!
    I’m an allround technician in a tiny TV studio in Sweden. Since I have to do (also) audio now, I sat down a few weeks ago to learn all the basics about the mixer, the DAW, mics, etc. Since I also play the guitar / piano I got myself a Midi-Keyboad and have become interested in sampling/mixing/recording etc.


    Hi There!

    I’ve been following Christian Henson on youtube for about a year and I’m a big fan of Spitfire audio’s instruments

    Although I mainly write pop music, I love the community christian has helped created and I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. So I’m finally here!

    I’m originally from Sweden, now living in Berlin, Germany and I’m up for connecting with anyone who would like to create some music or just have a chat.

    If you are interested in what i do, you can listen to some of my releases here:


    Hi Everyone,

    my name is Benjamin from Aachen, Germany (well…I until now). A year ago I wanted to give my piano solos that extra kick with a few orchestral parts. In search of reasonable strings and plugins, I came across Christian’s YouTube channel. I have to say, since then I have had a steep learning curve!

    I mainly write piano solos and I started composing orchestral music a year ago. Friends of mine say: “You have good ideas but you don’t sound like Hans Zimmer yet”. I mean, I’ve only been doing this for a year and I really don’t want to sound like Hans Zimmer. I am still searching for my own sound and style.

    In other words, I am just at the beginning and I want to continue my way there. I’m glad to have found the pianobook community and I hope that I can exchange compositions with you here or maybe start joint projects.

    If you want to hear something, I can send you some demos (just in case :D).

    I also want to start making sample libraries for the pianobook community. I have a G. L. Nagel upright and a 12 string guitar at my parents’ house that I would like to share with the community. However, I still need the microphones (only have the Røde NT1-A) and the sampler 😀

    So much for me, i am happy to be a member of the pianobook family.

    Best regards

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Riccardo Percacci

    Hi everyone,

    my name is Riccardo, from Trieste, Italy. I got my BMus in Classical Guitar in 2015, after which I kind of dropped music for a while as I was concentrating on other things. Last year I decided I wanted to make music my main focus in life, so I started an MMus in Film Scoring in London (London College of Music), which I recently completed.

    I had been writing short guitar compositions when I was younger, and had been struggling in recent years to find an idiom, style or if you will, a personal voice, in which to express myself musically. Studying film music really enabled me to explore different genres, and I hugely enjoyed orchestrating and bringing additional dimensions to simple musical ideas.

    On this journey I discovered the power of samples. First, as an essential modern tool for the study and practice of composition and orchestration. Then, I started appreciating the amount of expressiveness, depth and colour that samples can add, when used in a not strictly realistic way. I think Pianobook is a microcosmos that embodies this duality: from the detailed and real life Piano instruments, to all the warped, mashed and mangled beauty of pads and more sound-design oriented entries.

    As I’m just starting out as a media composer, my portfolio is virtually zero, but I’m very excited about some upcoming opportunities. I guess it’s a steep hill to walk up, but all we can do do is be optimistic and open-minded!

    Cheers to all,



    Hello everyone,

    I’m a pianist and composer living in south east London. Thanks to Christian Henson and all of you on Pianobook, I delved into the world of sampling around springtime last year, and now have a growing library of instruments, mostly soft and delicate environmental sounds with a minimum of processing.

    Here’s a piece for my Rain Catcher, Woodland Gate and Jon Meyer’s beautiful Steinway Grand. https://soundcloud.com/user-110549456/the-rain-catcher

    I welcome your thoughts and feedback. I’ve submitted my two instruments, which will, I hope, appear soon.

    Alexander Edward

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