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    This thread is for new members to introduce themselves. Say hello here!

    Share a bit about yourself, perhaps about your background as a composer, sound designer, musician, what have you.


    I’m a composer/recording artist/producer based in Derbyshire. Shed-based. I record under my full name Richard J. Birkin.

    I use a lot of sample instruments for composing. Some of them get replaced by the real thing, some don’t. I found Pianobook via Christian’s vlog, and it has really encouraged me to start sampling. I haven’t made anything finished enough to share yet, but recently made a commission almost solely out of these efforts.

    I get about half my income from music, and the other half from digital consultancy. I have a long and varied history working for startups and creative agencies. I contact Christian in January about helping out with Pianobook web stuff and ended up working with Stephen and Kelan to rebuild the website.



    Hello everyone!

    My name’s Kelan and I’m a composer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I currently work out of my flat, and occasionally a mountaintop!

    I discovered the Pianobook community about a year ago and I’ve been so amazed by everything going on here. As most of my work is done with samples, this has become both an extraordinary tool, and a source of inspiration for my writing. I’ve managed to submit one instrument so far, and plan on adding many more!

    I am currently working as an overseer/helper for all things Pianobook, and spend time helping Christian with his vlogs. Other than that I work as a freelance composer for all sorts of media.

    I can’t wait to see where this project will take the community, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

    Happy sampling!


    Hello! My name is Conner, but I’ve gone by Pierce in the old forums.

    I make music here: https://soundcloud.com/cs64

    I love to design sounds, primarily for video games and small independent projects, but I would like to get into film too.

    Lately I’ve been deep into sampling and building super responsive instrument patches to use in my compositions and to give to others, I’ve submitted quite a few things in the past and have many more goodies to share with you all!


    Keith Theodosiou

    Hello Pianobook Community

    I was taught classical piano from the age of 6 till I was twelve then I taught myself guitar and carried on learning the piano myself.

    When I was 18 I was in a blues/rock band and we used to do local pubs. One thing I learnt then was, no matter how nervous you are going on stage, never have too much to drink before you do lol.

    As I got older, my musical tastes grew wider so I started composing in may styles.
    I have come so close to breaking into the music biz over the years but it always seemed to go wrong at the last min.
    Now I just compose for fun and upload to a few platforms.

    Maximilian Kisbiro

    Hi, I´m Max!

    Mainly I am a guitar-player, but also play bass and keys.
    I did my A-levels at a grammar-school for artists with advanced courses in music and math. Afterwards I got to university to study systems engineering and at the moment I am writing my master-thesis. Next to this I am working in RnD of a tech company developing laser-processes.

    Next to my academic studies, I tought myself to produce, mix,master, arrange and compose music. I also got a bit deeper in harmonics- music-psychology and -physiology.

    Some years ago I started getting myself into Reaktor and Kontakt and their developement-capabilities and since then slowly into sampling. My preferred choice to process samples is wavetable- and granular-synthesis.

    I am fascinated by very technical and innovative yet aesthetic guitar playing and by slowly developing tonal and atonal soundscapes. I also really like things that sound cold.

    At the moment I am working on some (hopefully^^) innovative and adaptive Kontakt-scripts to share with you.

    After playing guitar in some local prog-metal-bands I play bass in a technical-death-band for 2 years.

    I am looking forward to work with you guys!

    Paul Nordin

    I’m a cinematographer and part-time musician currently sequestered in my loft in San Francisco, CA. I discovered Pianobook a few months ago via Christian’s videos. I play bagpipes, whistles, and keyboards including playing all of those in a folk metal band. In the forced time off at home created by this current pandemic, I’ve finished building out a nice project studio and have found a renewed inspiration to write keyboard based music. This community is quite awesome and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you!

    Thomas Schimmack


    my name is Thomas and I live close to Hamburg, Germany.
    I’m a sound technician, audio lover and I occasionally write music in my bedroom studio.
    I love the spirit here on Pianobook. A lot of very nice people!
    I’m looking forward to being a part of this community!

    PS: Nice job with the new website!


    Hi All
    My name is Felix Smittick,username AuralPalette, a serious music hobbyist. I got in to making music to create tracks for my Tai chi and other videos. This community is an invaluable resource of both knowledge and quality instruments.


    Hi! I’m a recovering classical pianist from Edinburgh who used to be in the Scottish band Broken Records, but I met a girl at one of our gigs in NYC, she’s now my wife and I live in Arkansas. Obviously. Thoroughly inspired by this community and Piano Day today was amazing, so much so it encouraged me to write my own Reichian ode at http://www.ourfairestmirror.com

    Will eventually release some solo music, writing instrumental cues via taxi.com, and trying not to buy too many plug-ins.


    Hi Everybody ,
    I’m John Warwick, from Poplar East London.I’m mainly a Songwriter,Start writing music and lyrics in 2004, Make a whole concept Album in 2019 on my own. I write in many different genres now, staring a New Project, lot of different band under one idea.
    Guitar is my main Instrument, I was given an electric Piano by a good friend.Big Fan of Sound and playing with it, Love Organ, Electric Organ, different Piano, Orchestra, use midi a lot.
    Love to mix modern song with part of sync, Orchestra and Keys.i call them Motif Parts.
    sound cloud page

    Came Across a video of Christian , his story blow me away, started watch his videos, then I find Piano-book.
    Learning a lot and understand about music and sound ,Plugin and Samples

    I have no Training , I’m self taught.


    Hi, my name is Chad and I’m a drummer. I’ve played for around 40 yrs or so and been in various projects ranging from acoustic to blues to punk/alternative and even “ahem” thrash (that doesn’t date me right!). Currently I’m in a couple rock/metal projects. I have been dabbling with keys for a quite a while and just a few years ago thought I’d maybe start putting my own music online (more score oriented vs. rock/metal) and through Christian/Spitfire, found this whole new sampling thing …lol. Yeah, I’m just a little late to the game…better late than never though right!

    I have a small collection of cymbals I think I’ll eventually sample and could share them here, in the mean time, I thought I’d stop being that fly on the wall and just jump in and participate. 🙂

    Marco Iannello

    Hello, Marco Iannello from Manchester, Italian pianist/keyboardist/composer.
    Musically born as a classical pianist, spent my younger years learning the piano on my mum’s August Förster upright.
    Transitioned to rock/metal at the age of 23, when I joined a local metal band in Rome playing keyboards, with which I did 2 EPs. Still in Rome, I played in another metal band, as well as a traditional folk band.
    In 2010 I left Italy for Sweden, where I did not do any music, but bought a digital workstation and a digital piano that are part of my current music setup.
    Fast forward to 2015, when I moved to the UK, joined a metal band, as keyboardist and “orchestral arranger”. Did 2 EPs with this band, as well.
    Since 2017 I have been a composer, released a couple of solo albums, scored a couple short films, and now focussing on making library music, but my aim is getting more work for film scores

    Russell Branco

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Russell and I’m a musician and occasional freelance mix/mastering engineer from Canada!

    I mostly make Japanese niche-culture inspired music under the alias “Cepheid”, which you can check out on my YT channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUs2Csm28An8pzmcGP2UO2Q

    I discovered Christian’s channel last year when I started getting into sampling and creating Kontakt instruments and I’ve become obsessed ever since. I love to dabble with additive synthesis re-sampling and wave-tables too!

    I’d love to get to know the community more and possibly offer a unique instrument of my own one day!

    Cheers, and I hope everyone is doing okay during all this craziness right now.

    Peter H

    my name is Peter, i am from Berlin.
    I make music since 1997. I play the guitar and i always have composed own songs. But in the late 90s up to the late 00’s i was making a lot of house and sample based music. After a long pause I have composed almost 30 songs in the last 4 years which i now want to record, arrange, produce.
    They are mostly singer songwriter songs played on a western guitar and e-bass, but i will use Kontakt to add drums and key-based sounds. Pianobook is a (the!) great source for this.
    Until now I made 2 custom patches (for “mRhodes” and “Sol’s Piano”) which i can share if you authors allow it.
    I thank you all and look forward to be a part of this great cummunity.

    Kind regards,

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