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    Tom Sutherland

    Hi there,

    I am blown away with the depth and range of the sample libraries available on this website. Thank you all for contributing. My only query is, must I always load the files manually into Kontakt? Or is there a way to make each instrument available quickly like a commercial VST?

    Many thanks

    Lora Bidner

    I can’t seem to find any straight forward, step-by-step answer for this in the thread, unless I missed it. Is there a solution? I have the full Kontakt 6 and I want the piano books libraries to appear in my main library directory in Kontakt. Is it possible?

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Tom/Lora

    I think my answer will help both. As far as I know:

    1. Only files that can utilise the Free Kontakt Player without the 15 minute timeout (ie a licence fee was paid by the originator of the library to NI)
    can use the Library Section. That said check out on YouTube as I believe there are some workarounds so it is possible but see 2 below first.

    2. To access quickly I load my Pianobook Instruments in Quickload (CTRL+F) and find that is fine.



    Terje Sandberg

    You need full Kontakt. Under the Instrument itself in the GUI of Kontakt there is a “favorite”. You can drag instruments directly from the file section to the favorites and they will appear threre every time you open Kontakt.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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