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    Risto Sipola

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know about the new features and updates that I have added to the RJS Sampling Suite* after its release in August 2021. I recommend that the users download the entire script package (zip) again to make sure that everything is up to date. Unfortunately there is no version numbering in this project (at least not at this time).

    *RJS Sampling Suite is a script collection for Reaper that automates the time-consuming tasks of sampling. ReaScripts are essentially custom action.

    New features and improvements:

    – User input dialogs for the chopping and the arranging scripts (input command markers are no longer needed)
    – Automatic tuning script that tunes the samples based on their note (labeling)
    – Vertical View that makes adjusting/synchronizing sample start times easy and fast
    – Sample inventory script that helps keep track of the sample count of the project
    – Sample naming script that gives control over the sample file names

    After using the scripts for a few months now I can confidently say that they work pretty well at least for me. Thus, I would say that they are worth trying. There is no need to use all of the scripts if one doesn’t want to entirely change an existing workflow. Some of the scripts can easily be incorporated into other ways of working. For example, the chopping script alone can be very useful.

    Here is my current workflow using the scripts:

    1. chopping using the default settings
    * if there are rumble/noise problems -> use the EQ sidechain method and chop again
    2. checking and adjusting the chopped items in vertical view
    3. note labeling using automatic pitch detection (and manual corrections if needed)
    4. tuning the samples if needed
    5. choosing the best samples and final musical adjustments
    * focus and energy should be aimed at this task
    6. arranging the samples for rendering
    * to make most of this one should have a plan for the instrument’s velocity distribution, and note stretching policy

    It’s a good idea to save the project using a different filename after each step and especially before arranging. This makes it possible to revisit something later, and render out new samples.

    Tutorial videos:

    The scripts can be downloaded here:
    (press the green ‘Code’ button and choose ‘Download ZIP’)

    Place the scripts in Reapers resource folder ..\REAPER\Scripts\
    * The folder can be found via Reaper’s menu: Options –> Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder.

    How to use ReaScripts:
    – Open action list in Reaper: Actions –> Show action list
    – Load the scripts: Press ‘Load’, select the script files
    – The scripts now appear in the action list and can be used just like regular actions.

    I hope the scripts save you some time and energy! 🙂


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