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    AvatarYoni Kessler

    I’m a recording engineer looking to make libraries for the community here at Pianobook along with libraries to sell through my website. Would it be distasteful to create a free more limited version of a library for pianobook (all samples but no control over individual mic positions, more limited fx and less custom IR’s for the convolution reverb for example) and have the fully featured instrument available for sale through my website? Before I did anything like that I wanted to check here because I don’t want to put a bad taste in anyones mouth and do something against the rules of the community, plus I want to give back to the community in some way too so I’d have no issues in having a more limited version of the library available through Pianobook for whoever wants it with the option of getting a more fully featured version if they like it enough.

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    S FyffeS Fyffe

    The terms and conditions on Pianobook restrict the repackaging of samples for commercial sale by others. However, this restriction does not apply if you have created the samples yourself.

    bo dinbo din

    Yoni, for your information, the Keymasters are the people running the site, we seldom hear directly from them, so that is a ‘good to go’.

    I appreciate both the post from Yoni and the reply from S Fyffe.

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    AvatarYoni Kessler

    Okay! So if I make an instrument and specifically mention that it is a separate version created from my own sampled instrument and provide a link to the full commercial instrument on my own personal website then everything should be okay? I haven’t seen anyone else do this and the only reason I would be doing it this way is I’m in a not so great financial state and while I do want to give back to the community I just can’t justify doing everything completely for free, so I thought this might be a good compromise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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