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    Hello everyone,

    after using many Pianobook libraries over the last years I finally decided to make my own.
    After recording drums for a track on my main projects EP, we decided to sample the kit through and through. So now I have samples for at least 4 velocity layers and 8 Instruments (Drums and Cymbals),
    with and 10 mic positions (close and overheads, rooms).
    I wanted to create a complete drum library where you can mix your signals and maybe output them through individual outputs.

    My last own Kontakt instruments I programmed were all single signal with no mixing possibilities.
    Maybe there is someone in this community who could help me? What would be the best way to program this kind of library? Does anyone have any sources on how to manage RR´s with multiple mic positions?

    Thanks in advance.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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