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    Pete Kowalsky

    I’m kinda new to the whole Kontakt thing and personally I’m kinda starting to strongly dislike it. I own it with Komplete 13 (needed a couple other libraries and synths there). I know this isn’t the place to bitch about NI or their products so I’ll save you that. Basically my eyes aren’t getting any younger and I cannot stand staring at a gross low-resolution bit-mapped interface any longer than I absolutely have to. NI is dragging their feet on updating to support WQHD / 4K resolutions and I’m sick of waiting around for that to happen. They’ve removed all 3rd-party format support from Kontakt 6 (thanks a LOT A-holes). I’m looking for alternatives with nice, scalable interfaces that work on large monitors and high resolution.

    My question is compound:

    1) What sample format do you prefer for your work-flow?
    2) What player/sampler plugin do you like, and why?
    3) What player/sampler plugins do you dislike and avoid?
    4) Should I be looking at something like UVIWorkstation (well, Falcon), or some open-format player (like what, I do not know)?



    Today we habe these huge monitors but still have to struggle with tiny, tiny blurred text in some interfaces. I strongly agree with your point about my eyes not getting younger … So I think it was a great idea to make all logic windows resizable – I love it.

    I still like many of the NI libraries, not because of their design but because of their sounds and functionalities. So I have to deal with the interfaces.

    The sampler I feel most comfortable with surely is EXS/Logic Sampler. It’s loading fast and reliable, with low cpu usage, and all functions and modifications of sound are easily accessible.

    If I had a wish to all those great interface designers out there: make it BIG and make it simple. Make form follow function.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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