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    Hi everyone,

    I’m creating this thread to discuss the Kontakt Template.


    Let me know if you have any questions about how to use the template, or throw some ideas into the mix for future iterations!


    Marco Iannello

    Great stuff, Angus!

    Keith Theodosiou

    This is fantastic Angus, as I am really useless when it comes to scripting this is ideal.
    The tutorials on Kontakt are well needed too so thanks for doing this and sharing!

    Kalen Smith

    Awesome! Whilst I’m not a graphical designer by any means, it seems like there are many great places this can lead. I started messing around with creating some minimalistic faders, and they fit perfectly with the theme.


    I’m happy to have a go at designing an interface.

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Angus. Great idea but please also take a look at the Photosyntheis Engine template here in my Melodica Pad as I believe it has so much potential.




    Peter H


    Good Idea Angus! I am looking forward to more videos and tutorials.

    I want to add 2 things

    1. Yes, Bob is right. With the Photosynthesis engine there is already a Kontakt Template that provides a lot of knobs and functions. Its free / donationware, the engine is open source and free to redistribute. Here is it: https://www.exoticstates.com/photosynthesis/engine

    2. A more simple GUI, with less functions, like the one you have provided may be better suited to most instruments here on Pianobook, besides .. the aestetics work pretty well together.
    Just one question: I am used to go up/down and not left right to change knob values ‘(thi is Kontakt Default). How do you change the knobs react to mouse movement in your tempalte (which has probably horizontal sliders in the backgroudn of the graphical knobs).

    BR Peter

    ps. @Bob: Which Photosynthesis skin are you refering to on your Melodica description: “Jeremiah Pena’s Photosynthesis and the Season3 skin”. I ask because i don’t really like the Photosynthesis GUI, its actually kind of ugly, and i would be interested

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the support of Photosynthesis and under the new website I cant post images unless there is a web address for them (bit of a pain) and even then I find the odd post wont upload if I put an image link in the body.

    If you watch this YouTube video of a new instrument that I uploaded this week you can see the skin which is based on the colours of an aircraft I built!


    Hi Everyone,

    Dave Hilowitz has added contributed an awesome tutorial on the Kontakt Template here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swaoGvPY2mM



    This is the section of the knob code that pertains to Knob Mouse Control:


    The number at the end, affects the sensitivity of the knob.

    If the number at the end (1000) is a positive integer, the knob will have horizontal behaviour.

    If you change that number to a negative integer (-1000), the knob will gave vertical behaviour.

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Angus. I have just watched David’s video and he explained it well as he always does.

    He decided to add 3 Round Robins, modify FX 1 and add ADSR because it didn’t suit his samples – great. In your first post above you asked for ideas and in a response I gave you one to consider – the Photosynthesis Engine – you have not replied to that post.

    The Photosynthesis Engine does everything David did to your template and a ton more. I’m curious to know why the suggestion has been ignored?

    For others reading I urge you to try the Photosynthesis Engine Template. It is open source (donation ware if you really think its useful – I do) and I have no affiliation with the designer.


    Hi Bob,

    Sorry, forgot to say that the previous link you sent didn’t work!

    Additionally, I think what we’re trying to do here is craft something specific for Pianobook- something that we can manipulate and evolve. So therefore I believe it’s better to craft our own templates and designs, rather than use that of another artists.

    Thanks for sharing anyway!


    Thanks for the template. I just wish to chime in and say I like having several templates for more or less advanced patches. Sometimes you would get creative with a tiny sample set and make heavy use of fx and modulation and need a bountiful supply of knobs and faders. Sometimes it’s just 1:1 samples with velocities and round robins and nothing else where as four knobs would be stressful enough. What am I going to connect to these buttons? I can’t release it as is, it’s obviously not ready since I’m using a fraction of this template. And so patches that could be enjoyed by us all instead stays put in a folder not shared with anyone.

    I’m using Reason as my primary DAW where the Combinator has four knobs and buttons whether you use them or not. Even if I can load graphics as a backdrop for a device, Kontakt GUIs has the advantage of customization. That said, I could enjoy an even smaller template where I’d just have 2 knobs. May it be blending mics or controlling velocity sensitivity. Just simple patches.

    Most of my Kontakt thingies are made from scratch instead of templates because it’s faster than reaching for Photosynthesis and start off by scrapping 90% of it.


    Hi Angus

    just added my first contribution to Pianobook called Mum’s Accordion, and i used your V2 template which I must say is fantastic, im not very good at coding or rather getting my head around the manual haah and this has helped so much and I figured out pretty quick to delete the logo wallpaper line in the script and was then able to add my own wallpaper.

    I cant thank you enough


    Hi there Angus, I’ve created template for Pianobook that could be of some use. Here is the link, the script is open to use so if it helps out, feel free to use it/edit it. Thanks for everything so far!

  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsg8fnf5rqstjg6/Matthew%20Jones%20-%20Pianobook%20Template%20V1.zip?dl=0

Hey Angus,

I have a theme idea I’ve developed in response to Christian’s call to designers in the video where he announced this template. I still have to create the film strips (sprites) for the controls and figure out scripting but shouldn’t be too bad. There may be one potential issue though, I only have the full version of Kontakt 6. V5 was gone by the time I could save the money to buy in so I’m not sure the difference between 5-6 when it comes to applying custom graphics. I’m thinking if I script it based on the v5 manual might be the way to go, maybe…any suggestions on this would be awesome!! I’m open to suggestions on controls less/more/other and layout as well!

Anyway, here is the first iteration of an idea I’d like to throw in the mix!

My Pianobook GUI idea, Dark Theme


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