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    This might be a noob question…

    I have the lastest version of Kontakt (full version) and whenever I load one of the pianobook instruments, they show up as “demo mode”. And because of this, some of them quit working after 20min.

    How do I work around this?


    Hi! Demo mode will only show up in Kontakt player, not full Kontakt so make sure if you’ve ever had the player version before purchasing the full version that either you uninstall it or open the non-player version.


    Hello. I (and a number of other producers) are having exactly the same problem. As highlighted in the comments on Dan Keen’s video about Soft String Spurs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAXKVbZ4nG4&t=2s

    I only have the paid versions of Kontakt 5, Kontakt 6 and Komplete Kontrol installed on my system. I don’t have the free Kontakt player installed.

    This seems to be common issue on several piano book libraries, which is a shame as there is some excellent content on here.

    I have reached out to Dan Keen, the developer of Soft String Spurs and he’s kindly agreed to look into this issue.

    I have also contacted Native instruments, but history sadly shows that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

    Any help or guidance gratefully received.


    Hello again. I’ve solved the demo issue and indeed it is that you need to have updated the Kontakt 6 library. It costs £89 from Native instruments to update.

    It is a little misleading as NI added an update to Native Access for Kontakt 6, so I think a lot of people have presumed (myself included) that as owners of Kontakt 5 that they were automatically updated to Kontakt 6 … This certainly seems to be the case on the forums I researched re this issue.

    The best way to check is to go to your Native Access app and check your Kontakt instrument. If it says ‘Full Version’ then you are good to go. If it says ‘Player’ then you need to update via the NI web site.

    Apologies for the confusion and hope this helps anyone who is struggling.

    Love Pianobook …. it’s a very creative resource.


    Yes sorry, every major number release of Kontakt must be purchased as an upgrade. So going from 5 > 6 is a paid update, but going 6 > 6.1 is not. You will still get the too old message on sub-versions I believe however, just not the DEMO mode one.

    I think you were meaning the plugin, not the Kontakt sound library? The K6 Factory Library has the same content selection as K5 and you should be able to load it into either version at its latest update, they didn’t do anything to it during that transition from K5 to K6 except for bug fixes / file compression (as verified by EvilDragon here: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/kontakt-6-factory-library-vs-kontakt-5.86403/)

    Thanks for updating us though, I’m sure many were not aware that this was the case. NI seems to let people know this well through their sales but not much else

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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