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    Emil G.

    Is there any interest in discussing pianobook demos? This could be a place to post about how compositions use pianobook samples to create new sounds, or in combination with other samples and sounds. Plus thoughts behind the composition. I realize there you have the ability to put a lot of this on SoundCloud, but 1) This is likely not seen by many, 2) It is not interactive, which I think could be a benefit to composers.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Emil G.

    Maybe this topic just got lost, @KEITH-THEODOSIOU thought you might like to talk about your thought process, instrument selection and so on. If not…

    Keith Theodosiou

    Hey, yeah I can talk about how I go about doing my demos.
    I have too ways of doing them.
    One is I pick an instrument or two from Pianobook that I like the sound of and I write from scratch using them instruments and some of my own collection that I own.

    The second way is I pick an existing track of mine and change one or some of the instruments I used with Pianobook ones.

    I tend to write pretty melodically so a lot of my music has a theme.

    Also I decided mainly to use full pieces with loads of instruments as it helps people hear what that instruments sounds like blended in a full piece with other instruments.
    Also it is a great way of getting your music heard.

    Hopefully I pick or write tracks that people will find enjoyable.
    I do write very quickly but I must say I am a lot better at writing music than I am of mixing it but hopefully people get the gist of what I wrote. 🙂

    Emil G.

    ‘@KEITH-THEODOSIOU I think your work is very creative. Sounds like we have a similar approach in some respects to demos. I write a lot of piano tracks and sometimes start with a particular piano, and sometimes make a replacement. For me it is easy to sketch music using a piano and then go from there, which can include changing the piano sound.

    I like multi-instrument demos as well. As a closet cellist, I tend to write a lot for piano and cello, but also other strings.

    I recently posted a track called Broken, where I used a slightly different approach. However, I also like to work with themes, and this pandemic has me down, so I have found myself working with a number of pandemic related themes, and that is where Broken came in.

    Broken is the story of our broken world in the year 2020. The piano in this recording transforms from soft to broken over time, until it bursts into flames. I actually got the idea from listening to Dan Keen’s “The King’s Upright”, as it is slightly out of tune. I thought it made a good centre piece for the concept.

    The crashing sounds are piano keys, there is no other percussion used. When creating this track I remembered Dan’s cat photo bombing one of his videos, so had to add a cat near the end.

    Although the stereo mix down is good, if you happen to have a surround decoder, it sounds fantastic in quadraphonic. And I know this is old school, I am old 🙂 I used to work with four channel tape, late 60s until about 1980. So kinda nostalgic.

    Would like to hear about your inspirations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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