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    Bob Smith


    I’m looking for the piano with the best playability. As much as I love the ambience of many of the VST’s and they are good for film scoring. I can’t really find one which allows for playing a piece like ‘scott joplins entertainer’ or another similar self-contained piano piece as the velocity might be bad on a particular note, or there is just too much imperfections.

    Whilst I like and respect the experimental nature of the VSTS, I would love to know if there is a sampling library which has retained all the nice characteristic of some piano with it’s own story, but allows for quick playing and response. I’ve downloaded a few but which are the best ones for this?

    Marco Iannello

    You may want to try Keyscape, it comes with quite a few (tweakable) options


    Hi Bob, I’m not really a piano player – but I just went through a listening to a lot of the pianos that I had downloaded and wanted to share ones I think you might want to try out: Broadwood, Church Steinway, English Classic, MVP prototype, Schwechten Grand (darker piano, I really like it’s flavor), S.K.Y. Felt, Spring Piano , Winter Felt, Ye Olde Piano. All of these are straight-forward pianos and have interesting sounds to me.

    If you try some of these I’d love to hear which ones (or others) you feel have the best playability. I’m not a good player, so I’m not a good judge of the playability aspect – so if you’re inclined I’d be interested to hear which ones you feel have best playability.



    …I wanted to add The Emporer and King piano as one to try also. Very nice character about it.


    First things first: you don’t necessarily need another VST for that, what you are looking for is a library that works in a VST like Decent Sampler or Sforzando / Sfizz (or if you have: Kontakt, Falcon or any other commercial sample engine).

    There are plenty of good libraries here on Pianobook and on the web, just try a few and keep the ones you like most. If you want to play intricate solos, you most likely are looking for many velocity layers and round-robins, so that it sounds as realistic as it can get.

    Piano in 162 (huge, almost 5 gb, SFZ):

    Salamander Grand Piano by Alexander Holm (SFZ):

    Maestro Grand by Mats Helgesson (SFZ):

    From the Pianobook library these are some of the ones I liked and kept:

      Baldwin Piano
      Bechstein 1911 Upright
      Bluthner Leipzig
      Church Steinway
      English Classic
      Headroom Piano
      Grand Studio A
      Rattvik Upright
      Sol’s Piano
      Steinway Grand
      Yamaha U1

    Another option would be physical modelling based piano VSTs, Pianoteq for example

    Chris Neville

    I would definitely look into Pianoteq, and their modeled pianos. Very playable/tweakable, and more ‘immediate’ than most sampled pianos, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. Also has almost no RAM requirement and I find the CPU load very light too. They don’t always sit in a mix as well as I’d like, but for solo playing, I almost always reach for them first – and because they are modeled, you can make adjustments in a way you cannot with samples.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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