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    Hey all,
    Long story short I’m updating some benchmarks for our little studios – and at the same time looking into what it might take to turn it into something of an open benchmark for DAW users.

    And after mucking around with Decent Sampler, it makes a lot of sense to me to use this (possibly alongside Kontakt player – but thats another story!)
    What I’m wondering is from within this awesome project, can anyone recommend any libraries that use longer samples / put the greatest strain on a system (either disk or CPU)

    It maybe that kontakt is the only way we can get meaningful results, but I’d sure like to try with DS! (It could also lead towards further research into an equivalent linux benchmark, but for now at least we can do something for both mac and pc)

    Initially our work is inside nuendo, as that is what we all use here. However, I’ll also be looking at how things might be able to be replicated to other DAWS / or may using the reaper trial so that the benchmark could be run while installing as little DRM based protections as possible (reaper is also cross platform / has linux builds!)

    The aim is to make it quick and easy to use on a brand new computer – possibly BEFORE one goes ahead and installs everything they use for their own personal DAW. But I’m getting ahead of myself… having been involved with similar projects in the past, I am aware that this is a time suck, and may never completely work properly. But it is an intension / worth pursuing even if it never works as a public benchmark but one we use internally / other studios with specific workflows can use.

    This is not about comparing different DAWS and their various efficiencies. It is about trying to see if there is a way to look at various machines that run DAWS and find a way to figure out if they are (a) working as expected, (b) identifying possible issues / bottlenecks, (c) ranking the different types of machines for DAW use.

    There are SO many rabbit holes to go down with this. Many many folk use DAWS differently. We will be as broad as possible – but it might also mean that more than one test is required to give people the information THEY require.

    Anyway – I’m starting on our own benchmarks (to explore what is possible). They’ll be in Nuendo, and I’ll slowly start replacing tools we use (ie, things with licenses tied to us) with more open software if that is actually possible.

    I’ve posted here – as it seems the place where the most decent sampler information lives. When other projects like this have worked in the past, they usually end up with their own forum. I’ll try figure out the best place for more info on this over time.

    Cheers all!


    One thing to consider that goes under the radar sometimes, is how the various daws and plugins are coded regarding using multiple cpu threads and cores. Might mean having some extra cells in a spreadsheet charting daw and plugin performance. And some samplers have standalone as well as plugin versions, so even more coding skills are revealed. Here’s a topic that shows peoples perceptions along with some realities and conundrums:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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