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    Greetings to everyone from Auckland, NZ.

    I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this project. Soundcloud, as you probably all know, can be a soulless place, populated by spammers and shills hawking ‘free promo’. Since I began making pianobook demos, not only have my Soundcloud plays increased dramatically, I’ve also been fortunate enough to interact with other pianobook contributors – other demo-makers but also samplists. To put this into perspective and how gratifying it is, tracks I’ve made that don’t feature a pianobook instrument quite often receive no plays at all, whereas some of my pianobook demos have had thousands of plays. No one wants to create in a vacuum. What matters is what comes out of the speakers – but only if there’s someone there to hear it.

    Obviously composers and contributors visit pianobook to hear the instruments and not my efforts but they’re listeners and that’s what counts. In just over a year I’ve discovered Spitfire Audio, learned how to use a DAW, increased my knowledge of music theory through practical experience, composed hundreds of pieces of music and recorded them using instruments I could once only have dreamed of, begun contributing to pianobook and even created my first sample instrument (coming soon, I hope). Having 50-plus years of active listening experience in a wide range of genres helps, of course, but having a creative outlet I enjoy is without doubt the most important aspect of my life now – and I don’t say that lightly.

    Most of my best musical results arise from what I think of as fortuitous accidents and reckless decisions. I feel fortunate I only have to work to self-imposed deadlines and so am able to take chances I couldn’t afford to take if I were composing and recording for clients. Yesterday I was watching Fran Lebowitz on Netflix and she said something about how music can make you happy in a way that almost no other artform can and so it’s like a drug that doesn’t kill you. That resonates strongly with me. Modern life can be confusing, frustrating and leach creative energy. Music – and by extension pianobook – helps to counter that.

    In conclusion, if it isn’t already apparent, I’d like you all to know I greatly appreciate what you do here. Long may it continue.

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