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    So I have a very unique question/problem for everyone. I am working with a blind producer who is a close friend of mine, I want to make instruments that are accessible and useable for him, and help make ones that are not accessible more accessible. So I’m curious about 2 things that I have run into as a problem.

    1. Does anybody know how to make controls in Kontakt accessible to screen readers or Komplete Kontrol? In Logic for example you can open the controls for any plugin that you are using and access them through the screen reader, but I’ve noticed very few Kontakt instruments have the controls labeled in such a way that the screen reader can find and distinguish them.

    2. Does anybody know of a way to make, a pianobook library for example, show up in the Komplete Kontrol menu? Kontakt is completely inaccessible and if the library does not show up in Komplete Kontrol, it does not exist for him at all. I’ve helped him get around this by taking control of his computer remotely and creating patches in his DAW for third party libraries he has bought but could not find in KK. But this is not a practical option for collecting a good number of libraries.

    Any help with this stuff would be greatly appreciated as a lot of easy workaround or basic functions in Kontakt any of us take for granted become completely and totally prohibitive for a blind person to do even small and basic things like open a library they have paid for. Thank You.


    I am also a completely blind person who just got started with Komplete a few weeks ago.

    Kontakt is not completely inaccessible if one purchases the script from this link:

    Even without this script, if you browse to a folder where you have stored an instrument and press enter on the nki file, it will load in kontakt and you can play it. The parameters would be inaccessible though, but I can at least play the sound.

    Does your friend use a Komplete Kontrol keyboard? if so, it would still require sighted assistance, but often the parameters of an instrument you can right click and choose ‘learn’ then he can move one of the knobs on his controller and that parameter will then be mapped to that knob. I suppose this would work on any controller keyboard with assignable knobs or sliders.
    Finally, within Komplete Kontrol program, if you have a Komplete keyboard, you can go to the midi tab and assign the soft buttons or knobs to midi CC numbers. If the instrument uses standard CC messages for any of its controls, then you can press the Midi button on the keyboard, and the knobs and buttons will send out the midi Cc.

    These are the partial solutions I’ve discovered so far. Kontakt accessibility is certainly an issue, and some products simply aren’t going to be friendly enough to warrant purchase for a blind person.

    Have you checked out

    may be useful stuff there.

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