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    Maxime Van Damme

    Hi there !

    I’m relatively new in the world of composing and I’ve been inspired a lot by the content that I found on internet, including here on Pianobook !

    I could not avoid, at some point, to be curious and try to sample one of my instrument. It turns out that I have a Gibson Les Paul Anniversary Edition 25/50 which I thought could be interresting to share to people looking for a realistic guitar sound of the 70/80. The instrument contains so far 4 different “mics” of each note, that can be adjusted via the UI. I also wrote a small script that “mimic” the guitar behavior in the sense that notes by default ring until another note is triggered on the same chord. I’ve arrived now to a first version that I’m quite satisfied with; I wanted to keep a (relatively) small scope such that I could complete it without giving up.

    But now that it’s done and I’m not tired of it (rather the contrary !), there are a few improvments that I’m looking at :
    – Adding round robins
    – Adding velocity layers
    – Adding playing style (muted chords i.e.)
    – Adding key switches to be able to play on lower parts of the guitar – for the moment, I’ve only sampled the higher notes since they cover the whole range :

    The point of my post here is to ask to the community member : if you were to download such an instrument, what of above improvment would interrest you more ? 🙂

    If you want to have a look at what the instrument looks like now : https://twitter.com/maximevdamme/status/1346392612421443585

    Have a good day,


    If I could have only one thing from your list of improvements, it would be round robins. That would add to the realism for sure.


    ‘+1 for round robins for sure

    Having listened to the demo on the tweet, I think bit more could be done with note groups to try eliminate the ‘ring out’ that you talk about with the scripting. With the release open it’s quite noticeable and detracts from the realism to me.

    Looking forward to hearing the final product!

    Maxime Van Damme

    Hi both,

    Thanks much for your feedback ! I’ll probably add two round robins (have to look at how to do that first :D) then upload it, otherwise I might keep postponing it aha.
    Regarding the fact that notes ring too long, I agree with you that in the demo it doesn’t sounds that good. However, from a realism point of view, this is how it sounds like when I play it on the guitar (if I don’t mute the chord myself). I was first thinking to add keys in an unused octave to be able to mute each chord separatly (without having to play another note on that same chord), but it might be tidious for the usability so I’ll also enable the user to change attack/release even with the “guitar simulator” on; that way he can tweak to what fits best for him.

    Thanks again for the comments 🙂 .


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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