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    I’ve been using a number of the pianobook pianos. I think it’s about time I contribute.

    I’m just about ready to buy a high end audio interface. Times being what they are, I’ll probably won’t be able to use it on a full band in the foreseeable future.

    I might as well put it to good use by sampling a piano. The local music college has some grands and a local piano tuner has over 250 (!) pianos in storage, including some incredibly rare ones (be it in varying conditions). I’m sure they’re open to the idea of sampling.

    I however don’t own Kontakt nor Logic. I was wondering if a recording template exists in Reaper, Sonar Cakewalk, Protools First or Harrison Mixbus 32C (last one can import Protools project files).

    I’m also wondering if there are community members who would be willing to make virtual instruments from these files. They should have very low noise floors (and if I can help it low ambient noise) and will be trimmed/edited accordingly.

    Should I just record the way it’s described in “How to sample”, or is there a way I can do some form of “deep sampling”? More keys and the likes. If I’m allowed to record one of these pianos, I’ll probably spend in excess of a day doing so, with multiple mic placements, preamps, round robins, etc.

    I should also mention that I don’t play piano. But that’s just a minor detail, right? XD

    Tom t.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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