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    Daniel Thompson

    Hi – It’s not clear what the requirements are to play samples. Some apparently are supported with Decent Player. Some are supported by other platforms. I think the supported platform is indicated by little icons in the upper left of each sample’s photo. But there seems to be tribal knowledge and therefore missing general information about how to take advantage of these samples. I think if you were an insider who originally built and contributed samples it would all be obvious. For people just arriving to this site for the first time, having no tribal knowledge, it becomes a barrier to adoption (as we say in software sales). It’s clear these pages are lovingly put together, but there needs to be more complete beginner information.


    all seems pretty intuitive to me

    I hadn’t even heard of Decent Sampler until thirty minutes ago, but I wanted to try the Pitched Electric Celeste library, which is only available for Decent Sampler, which I don’t have

    I then had a look at the menus at the top of the pianobook home page and, under Resources there is a FAQ link

    browsing to the FAQ page there is a question, “Where can I download Decent Sampler?”

    in that section there is a link to the Decent Samples website

    I followed the instructions there and within minutes I was playing my Pitched Electric Celeste instrument

    all that said, I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm to have a link to the Decent Samples website on the page of each individual library but, otherwise, as I said, all pretty intuitive to me



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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