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    Eddie Breeg

    Hello there!

    As you can tell by the title I’m currently in the process of making an instrument using the decent sampler,
    and the monolith system (one wav file by group of samples for those who are not familiar).
    The sampler is quite nice I enjoy it, although something drives me crazy: I quickly made an excel sheet which helps
    me compute all the start and end values for the samples within the files. When I play the instrument the start times are correct,
    I would expect the end times to be correct too but somehow when a sample end, the first sample of the group starts looping in a very
    odd way, and I can’t figure out why it does.
    For example here is the code I have for my first dynamic layer:

    <group hiVel="19" volume="5" loopEnabled="false">
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="36" loNote="36" hiNote="36" start="0"       end="240000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="43" loNote="37" hiNote="43" start="288000"  end="528000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="50" loNote="44" hiNote="50" start="576000"  end="816000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="57" loNote="51" hiNote="57" start="864000"  end="1104000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="64" loNote="58" hiNote="64" start="1152000" end="1392000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="71" loNote="65" hiNote="71" start="1440000" end="1680000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="78" loNote="72" hiNote="78" start="1728000" end="1968000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="85" loNote="79" hiNote="85" start="2016000" end="2256000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="92" loNote="86" hiNote="92" start="2304000" end="2544000" />
            <sample path="samples/level1_RR1.wav" rootNote="99" loNote="93" hiNote="99" start="2592000" end="2832000" />

    The tempo I used was 120bpm, with a sample rate of 48000Hz. In this group each sample is 2 bars long, and each note
    starts exactly 1 bar after the previous one ends.

    If someone understands why I’m getting this issue I’d be grateful for them to explain it here 😀


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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