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    Michael Mössmer

    Have a nice day,
    when I call Skimmer_Metal.nki in Kontakt, there is an error message “missing untitled.nkr” – what did I do wrong?
    By the way, great service here on pianobook!

    Greetings from Vienna

    P.S.: Kontakt 6 full, Windows 10 pro

    bo din

    I don’t have a clear answer, but have been faced with this sort of thing on several occasions.
    What’s different here with Skimmer Metal or even Skimmer Metall is that the author seems to have included some slightly different versions and tests in this folder. So maybe there are some that aren’t quite the finished article.

    Things to try…..

    1. Ignore the file and see if you have an instrument that works.
    2. Point Kontakt in the direction of a similar file (Skimmer_Metall.nkr) and see if you have an instrument that works.
    3. Copy the Skimmer_Metall.nkr file, rename it Untitled.nkr then point Kontakt in the right direction and see if you have an instrument that works.
    4. Use the provided wav samples and build your own instrument.

    Note: if you are happy with any of the results, use Save as…

    5. Ignore or even delete that nki altogether and try the next instrument.

    6. Wait for Anders to reply, as he does frequent this forum.
    7. See if you can contact Anders another way (via social media ?)

    8. Hope someone else gives you a workable solution.

    All the best.

    Michael Mössmer

    Hi, bo din,
    thanks for your time – unfortunately the copying and renaming didn’t work as Kontakt asks for the location of Untitled.nkr and finds the newly created copy. But Kontakt does not remember this the next time it is loaded. As soon as I click on “ignore”, the instrument works fine, but this is a bit tedious 😉

    And keep healthy!

    bo din

    5. Ignore or even delete that nki altogether and try the next instrument.

    Michael Mössmer

    Thanks again – an have a happy new year!

    bo din

    Oh go on then, I look into it further…..

    If you sort the files in the folder by date modified, you’ll find the most recent is: Skimmer_Metal_v200314 K5.4.nki

    This is the final release version, that is showing in the video.

    Load that and you will be asked to locate the missing files. Once you have done that it will load. If you are happy with it go to Load/Save (the icon to the left of settings cog) > Save as and select Instrument #1 – Skimmer_Metal_v200314 K5.4.nki and then click on Save at the bottom right of the dialogue box.

    It is now saved with all the correct info and will open correctly on your computer next time.

    Anders Wall

    Hello all!
    Thanks for downloading my instrument.
    I’m about to upload a new set of files that iron out some bugs and such.
    My intention is to do it during the first week of 2021.

    Happy New Year!


    Michael Mössmer

    Happy new year and stay healthy, Anders, and thanks for your great job!

    Greetins from Vienna

    Anders Wall

    Michael! Finally, there’s an update 🙂
    Please download it from here:


    I’m about to upload a few more Skimmer instruments and I’ll make sure to send the updated Metal to Pianobook with the rest of the instruments.
    In the meantime please do download the update and see if it works for you.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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