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    Hi there,

    So I’ve just unearthed on old HDD containing last summer’s broken promise to both EXS24 and pianobook. I’ve dived back in, following the useful ‘FREE Piano Sample Prototype’ video, and noticed that as I release the key, sample playback instantly stops and is really jarring. Even with the helpful little ‘clunk’ of my release triggers; I may as well just be playing a sine wave. Needless to say it was a massive anti-climax!

    Having just taken a peek at the Winter Piano Prototype, you can hear a natural sounding tail/decay on releasing the keys and using the ‘Zone’/waveform editor, can see the playhead continuing to scroll for around 20,000 samples after release, with what I assume is fade-out of sorts (the WPP is a single sample group without release triggers).

    My question: what have I missed and where do I find it?

    From what I can see there are no Fade Outs or XFades set for any of the individual samples, or their groups, so this strikes me as a ‘behavioural’ type issue within both the Sampler and EXS24. I’ve rebuilt the instrument several times with the same outcome, but hopefully this is just user error on my part.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be super helpful.

    Many thanks,


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