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    Hey everyone, made a thing I thought I would share here. Some very early experimenting, in response to how anxiety inducing it is to watch the news these days. I thought I’d try using that as a sample source to turn those anxious thoughts into something beautiful sounding. More in depth explanation of the signal chain below the video, but the brief idea is to use a freeze/infinite sustain pedal, shape the sound through the filter/envelope/gate of the synth’s audio in, and then to a midi controlled 3-voice pitch shifter to make it all playable with polyphony. Each time the freeze pedal is reset, the sounds played become something new. A few examples to demonstrate here…


    Signal chain: iPad > Korg plugKey iOS audio interface > reAmp box > EHX Freeze for infinite sustain > Elektron Analog Drive for clean boost and some EQ (mid EQ frequency is controlled by expression slider) > Moog Sirin audio in (VCOs turned down, gate controlled with midi from Keystep) > Meris Hedra for polyphony (MIDI I/O box maps notes from Keystep to the 3 pitches on the pedal, then passes MIDI thru to the Sirin) > Source Audio Nemesis for delay > Walrus Audio Descent for reverb to round out the ambient wash > Zoom h1n for recording

    Many other synths could sub in for the Sirin, in this context though, I also like it’s tagline of “Analog Messenger of Joy” given the source of the audio I’m passing through it.

    I had initially thought up this idea to submit something for the Spitfire/Westworld competition. Using the original score of that scene to sample from, then compose with. I didn’t have availability to at the time, but I’d still like to give that a try. More generally, excited to use this workflow to compose something with. I’ve only spent a few hours playing with it so far. Other next steps, I’d also like to build a sample instrument from it to submit here too.

    Thanks for reading/watching!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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