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    I am a third-year student at a college in the US, planning to study Music Technology for graduate studies. I haven’t done much composing on a DAW apart from a project done to learn Ableton Live using the school’s iMac. I recently found out about Spitfire Labs and inevitably the pianobook community. I have been really wanting to try out these samples but unfortunately I can only use Ubuntu because of the specs available for my personal laptop and the workaround on having Kontakt player and Spitfire software with Wine hq emulator on Linux has been unsuccessful so far.

    I was content at first with VCV rack being available for Linux but would still like to have more arsenal for my compositions.

    I was hoping if anyone here is also a Linux user trying these samples to work with whatever they have and to guide me and others through the process.


    Tres Seaver


    I posted earlier but can’t see it here: I run Linux on my studio machine, using Ardour (DAW, recording samples), Audacity (editing samples), Noise Repellent (an LV2 plugin which does spectral noise analysis / reduction), and sfizz (SFZ player, both standalone and as an LV2 plugin). The Virtual Playing Orchestra is a large set of SFZ instruments, based on the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra and a bunch of others.

    In addition to the pure FLOSS tools, I have gotten several of Spitfire’s non-Kontact instruments running under a very recent version of Wine.

    A good overall resource is the Linux Musicians forum.

    Hope that helps!



    Yay! Another linux user here 🙂

    Tres – thanks so much for the heads-up on sfizz! That’s truly amazing – it looks so much easier to use than messing about with linuxsampler (sorry LS, you’re great and all, but just so damned stuck in your ways!).

    I’ve also had some limited success in getting LABS to work in wine but it’s just so flakey that it’s not really practical to work with. @Christian – I would LOVE it if you could look into the option of having the LABS instruments include a linux plugin (VST or LV2) – I think you’d have a pretty devoted audience of up and coming musicians from a broad range of backgrounds who would be all over that! You’ll see more of them coming out of the woodwork as we get more SFZ versions up here on pianobook.

    I’m partway through a Bachelor of Music degree here in Australia, and I’m using only linux for all of my coursework (not always easy, but the lecturers at least make an effort to be platform-agnostic – or at least, tolerant!). I’m 44, so a late starter at my degree, but have been into music and tech (separately or together) in various forms off and on since I were a wee bairn.

    My main software stack is based around Ardour and Musescore, and love the x42 and calf plugins. I’ve been toying with the virtualplaying orchestra for a while but never found a way to use it efficiently, but it looks like sfizz is answering that problem for me!


    Tres Seaver


    You might look at the VPO / Ardour template Michael Willis created as a starting point. He uses the Panagement binaural / reverb plugin, which works on linux, but it is configured into the template in a Mac-centric way. The template also uses Michael’s Dragonfly Reverb plugin (which I think he started writing in order to use it with VPO).



    Thanks Tres!

    I had tried it back in 2018 but it didn’t work well for me, I think I found linuxsampler a bit frustrating at the time. The change to using sfizz is great though.

    I’ve run into problems with the template (it has a bug where it stores the full path to the templates dir) but I seem to have it working now, and it’s sounding pretty good!

    bo din

    Hi Edward,

    Welcome to the forum, I think you’re going to enjoy it here.

    That is a cracking name for a site by the way, did it take a lot of work to come up with it ?
    I’ll bet you use grandmarly and speilchecker to assist you though.

    Anyway, I’m sure you will light the forum up.

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