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    Avatarboz millar

    What are the legalities of using an image of a piano for the background of the instrument when the logo of the instrument is on the fallboard? I have a piano that I sampled, but I’m not sure it’s actually legal to use a picture of the piano itself as the product image with the logo visible on the fallboard.

    What do you guys do about this? Just run with it and change it if you get contacted by lawyers? Or just wipe out the logo to not have to worry about it?

    bo dinbo din

    If you were running a business, you would probably contact the company if you didn’t know the legalities but were concerned.

    Now, put yourself in their position and consider how they might respond, but bear in mind, they might not know either and may be winging it !

    Personally and without much legal knowledge on such matters, I would say that it would be fair use;- if the image is an accurate representation of the piano that was used (regardless of the resulting library).

    AvatarAnders Wall

    I too believe it would fall under fair use.
    A few years ago I contacted a company asking if it was OK to sample one of their instruments and to share those samples.
    They never got back to me, so I assume they were fine with it.

    There’s free and even online photo editors that you can use to remove logos, or just use a generic piano picture in case you want to be safe.
    I use pictures from Unsplash in some of my instruments.


    Avatarboz millar

    I ended up swapping out the logo on the actual image background. It looks sort of dorky, but it’s probably a safer middle ground. I’ll leave the actual images of the piano as they are.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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