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    bobo meyer

    Hi everyone,
    just discovered this wonderful community a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoying a couple of the wonderful samplesets people here are making. Since I am a bit of a nerd about graphics, I made some Kontakt library wallpapers for the samplesets I downloaded here. Maybe this has already been done or asked, but if anybody is interested, I am more than willing to make them. I use the image supplied by the maker, and stamp it with the PB logo. I dont know how to add an image here so I can’t show you, maybe I could post a link to my dropbox or something?

    bo din

    Hi bobo,

    so good a name they named you twice !

    Adding an image is certainly tricky, I have tried without success recently.
    But wallpaper’s a good idea.

    Adding a working URL may send your post to be checked by admin and a long wait, and you may think that you made a mistake and then try again with the same result.

    However, you could add a link to dropbox by leaving a space or spaces in the link, but you must check your post immediately after as you only get a very brief time to edit posts, maybe five minutes at the most.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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